Welcome to the Tathata Golf Graduate School

A learning environment like no other in the world.

Powerful Training Experience that
Will Stay with You for a Lifetime

New 2 1/2 Day Live Grad School Experiences

Enjoy a one of a kind Tathata Live Training Experience upon graduation from the 60-Day Program

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Build upon your foundation.
Take the next step down the line
to mastery.

Just as you experienced in the 60-Day Program, our graduate school is built strategically to take your mind, body, & swing training to a whole new level.

Validate all that you have learned and improve your movements with mastery level instruction. Return home from Graduate School with complete understanding and the ability to fix your misses and teach yourself moving forward.

Embrace the true essence and feelings of Tathata at our Home Campus. Unlike anything seen in the game of golf, our pristine indoor and outdoor training facilities provide the perfect place & atmosphere to deepen your Tathata training principles.


Build on your Tathata training foundation at our World Class Home Campus facilities in Scottsdale, AZ. In order to ensure a quality experience for all students, completion of the core 60-Day Program foundation is a prerequisite to attending Tathata Grad School.

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At the Tathata Training Center you will find a unique,
world-class training environment.

Located in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ, Tathata truly offers golfers of all levels a unique and world-class training environment. This is your chance to step into the live environment you have been seeing online in your training. Experience first-hand the passion, truth, & essence behind Tathata Golf.

As you enter through the Dharma gate at the outdoor facility, you will immediately feel the calmness of your own private training oasis. Complete with ambient music and garden landscaping, at our outdoor facility you will enjoy a dojo, private driving range, three tour-quality greens, two bunkers and a secluded par 3 - nothing short of a golfer’s dream. The center is further equipped with a martial art training floor and 4,000 square feet of martial art training stations spread throughout the property all to take your learning and training to levels never seen before in golf.


"The Tathata Outdoor Facility is like
Disneyland for golf training."

- Brandel Chamblee

Enjoy training in front of the “wall of greats” at the Tathata indoor training center. This is a unique opportunity to enter into the same martial art studio that you have been watching throughout the program. Validate your learning foundation of the greatest athletes ever in our yoga-like studio, lined with mirrors and hardwood floors. Learn to build your golf swing almost as a samurai would build their skills in their own martial art.

Grad School Pre-requisite

Grad School is available only to graduates of the foundational 60-Day Program. Not a graduate? Start on your path today…

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Home Campus

The Tathata Home campus is yours to visit and further your own authentic greatness. Upon entering the facility you will immediately see the time and care given to the essence of Tathata Golf Training. The campus is complete with multiple education facilities indoors and out. All of us at Tathata Headquarters look forward to your next visit to our home.


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Grad School students are part of a very prestigious learning environment and one that will stand the test of time. The education provided within will allow you to move past all current golf instruction and let you simply embody your own authentic greatness. We honor the opportunity and responsibility you have given us to ensure the highest learning foundation in the game of golf.

Advanced Curriculum

Tathata Graduate School advanced learning opportunities are available to all 60-Day Program graduates. Currently Tathata Golf is offering a 2 ½ Day Training Experience to deepen your foundation as well as the chance to immerse yourself in the environment at the home campus of Tathata.

This will be your place to look for continuing education courses and live experiences to come alongside you and strengthen your learning.

Read what others are saying about Tathata!

Another happy user of the Tathata Golf system!

Steve Dahlby

PGA Tour Professional Instructor

"Tathata gives players of all levels, the newest of new or the top of the top a unique chance to learn from the game, learn from the past, learn from the present and hopefully take that into the future to be better golfers."
Another happy user of the Tathata Golf system!

Sue Wieger

M. Ed., LPGA, Peak Performance Coach and Professional Golfer

"I have been teaching mind, body and swing for years and the Tathata Movement Specialist Certification is by far the best training and coaching system for any golf instructor."
Another happy user of the Tathata Golf system!

Paul Peterson

Professional Golfer, Asian Tour

"I came down for two days and it was one of the best golf experiences that I’ve had in training in my life."
Another happy user of the Tathata Golf system!

Gary McCord

TV Analyst, Tathata Student

"Bryan's deep understanding of natural body movements, through the eyes of the Samurai, made it 'real' to me. I have seen every form of golf instruction, and this is not only revolutionary, but refreshing."
Another happy user of the Tathata Golf system!

Paxton Jevnick

Tathata Student, HDCP 10

"It's not a bunch of swing tips, it's not a bunch of band-aids, it's built from the ground up, the right way, and it’s going to last for me, it's not going to disappear tomorrow, it’s in me."