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What are Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialists?

Receive one-to-one training from a Certified Tathata Golf Movement Specialist

They are a completely new type of individual in the golf, fitness and education industries offering a completely new type of learning, training and education in the game of golf.

Helping students throughout their journey of the 60-Day Program, Certified Movement Specialists are thoroughly prepared to assess, correct and dramatically enhance Tathata student’s movement performance and understanding.

Through a variety of individual and group training options and packages, students of all ages, body types and ability levels are able to learn and improve at a pace never before seen in the game of golf with the help of the most extensively trained individuals in the industry.

Training Opportunities

Chapter Follow-Up Training Sessions

As you move through each of the 6 chapters of the 60-Day Program, Certified Movement Specialist are ready to help assess, correct and enhance your movements through Chapter Follow-Up Training Sessions. Visit them during or after completion of each chapter to increase your movement speed, accuracy and understanding, ultimately leading to better golf.

Group Training Sessions

Introducing a completely new type of training opportunity for golfers everywhere. Follow-along with a certified movement specialist in a group-training environment similar to yoga or group fitness classes. Move through a variety of different movement routines from the Tathata Golf 60-Day Program with a varying number of fellow students of all ages, body types and ability levels. These are powerful learning and training experiences unlike anything ever seen in the game.

Half-Day Training Experience

Chapter follow-up training sessions are offered for each of the 6 chapters of learning and training in the 60-Day Program. Combine chapters 1-3 or chapters 4-6 into a half-day (3.5-4 hour) training session. Get all of your movements from each of the chapters assessed, corrected and enhanced by a Certified Movement Specialist. Make leaps and bounds forward in your game during this intensive half-day experience.

Full-Day Training Experience

Combine all 6 chapter follow-up training sessions into a full-day (7-8 hour) training experience. Move through all of the movements and movement routines introduced in the 60-Day Program with your Certified Movement Specialist to dramatically enhance the performance of all of your movements in this powerful full-day training experience.

Learn What Makes Tathata Training Different

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Tathata Movement Training

How Do I Know I'm Doing the Movements Correctly?

For 95% of Tathata Golf students, additional improvement beyond their journey through the 60-Day Program comes as a result of increasing the accuracy and speed of their movement performance.

Build Upon Your Foundation

Learn the Game in Days and Weeks Instead of Years

Tathata Golf Is Eliminating The Three Major Barriers To Learning and Excelling At The Sport Of Golf

1) Golf is too expensive

For most, the road to learning and trying to excel at the game involves endless hours of costly golf lessons with various instructors with varying degrees of success. Golfers are left with no choice but to pay a premium for high-quality instruction with no guarantee of results. Those of less fortunate social/economic status are often left without even the opportunity of ever being exposed to the game.

Tathata Golf offers the highest level of golf instruction for less than $3/hour through the 60-Day Program in addition to several user-friendly live follow-up training opportunities with our highly trained network of Certified Movement Specialists. Best of all, no golf equipment is even needed for absolute beginners and others to develop world-class full swing, short game and putting motions.

2) Golf is too difficult

In no other sport does a piece of equipment meet a ball with as much speed as a golf club strikes a golf ball with. With this and one of the smallest targets in all of sports, comes an unparalleled importance on precision and accuracy. Lacking a standardized curriculum of learning and conflicting tips for instructors and golfers to find from a variety of different sources, golf has become one of the most challenging sports to learn, improve and excel at on the planet.

Taking advantage of a carefully structured, complete path of learning and new way of training, Tathata students develop the movements of the world’s greatest golfers and athletes of all-time right into their own game at a pace never before seen in golf. Also supported by 2,500 year-old martial art movement and striking truths, these movements are executed with far greater speed, accuracy and understanding with the help of a Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialist.

3) Golf is too time-consuming

Most people don’t get the opportunity to begin playing golf as a kid and spend an entire adolescence at a course to become proficient at the game. Several trips to the range and long days spent on the course can start to add up and turn even the most enthusiastic golfer sour when little improvement is seen. For casual golfers, the time investment it takes to play the game at a reasonably enjoyable level is often dismissed for other alternative activities.

Never before has it been as easy or as fast to learn and excel at golf. Newcomers quickly move past the unending struggles previous golfers before them have had to endure and can learn each part of every golfing motion in the matter of just weeks and days instead of years. In just a couple of months and with the helpful guidance of Certified Movement Specialists, Tathata Golf students can easily play the game at an enjoyable level, often improving far beyond what they ever thought was possible.

The Tathata Promise

Tathata Golf Certified Movement Specialists are a network of the highest trained and most united voice in golf learning, training and education. It is Tathata Golf’s promise to deliver every student with the highest quality learning & training experience possible whether in our training programs or with our Certified Specialists.

Before you visit any of our Movement Specialists, students can be assured that their specialist will support the 60-Day Training Program’s curriculum. We are honored to provide a system that allows students to view a Movement Specialist’s ratings, as well as the opportunity to rate and review your training experience.

Build Upon Your Foundation