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This is your place for creating new and incredible outcomes on and off the course.

Your authentic greatness is within you right now. From this moment forward, if you choose, you will begin to simply separate from it less and less.

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Your 60-Day Training Program Progress

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What to Expect

Over the next 60 days, you will come to realize that incredible golf is not only possible for you, but something that can easily come to be through proper training over a short amount of time regardless of the amount of previous experience you bring to this program.

A greatness, that may be impossible for you to currently recognize or understand within yourself, will begin manifesting throughout the program and move you far beyond limitations you have previously held and into a place of complete strength beyond all doubt or worry.

Some of the programs principles that get introduced you may not immediately agree with, some you may even actively resist, while others may further affirm what you already know to be true. None of this will matter or detract from the effectiveness of the programs material. You are not asked or required to accept all of the practices and principles introduced throughout the program but simply apply them and remain open to their truth presenting itself to you as you move through your path of learning. Give yourself permission to begin sensing your greatness in a completely new way.

Once you begin your journey you can go at your own pace through each of the days going forward in the 60-Day Program. After each day there will be a test to see if you’re paying attention. Pass these tests to continue forward throughout these days & chapters. You can


always stop and continue at a later time as there are several ways to get back on your path in training. Remember after passing any of the test you’re able to go throughout all videos as much as you like in any order, this also will be granted when you fully complete the entire 60-Day Program.

See below for the training that gets introduced through each
chapter of learning:

Quick Tips & Reminders


On each chapter overview page there will be chapter support to help you with any additional questions you might have after the lessons.

Rate our videos to let us know how well they are as this helps us to improve them for you.

Once you complete each day it will show up in your account profile as well you’re able to replay any videos in any order without tests.

Account / Profile


In addition to being able to access your training from this homepage, you can also go to your account profile to access your training and see your status of completion through the courses of the program.

If you’re in need to correct or update a credit card, profile, or photo you will also be able to do all of this here for future.

Support & Forum


The forums are there for you to use and interact with others in the Tathata community including our staff and our certified movement specialists. Feel free to browse and read through the forum topics and discussions and interact and engage with others as much as you would like.

We would love to know any way we can help you on your journey to your greatness.