Hitting fat shots

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  • Hitting fat shots
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    Just started the program a couple weeks ago and have noticed I’ve been hitting some fat
    shots with my irons. Has anyone else experienced this?


    Hi Richard,

    You may want to spend some extra time on body movement #3, then hit movement #6, and finally #7 while making sure you are incorporating #3. If you’re pushing back into your gluts and lifting your ribs appropriately, the fat shots should go away.

    With that said, feel free to post a link to a YouTube video of your swing (face on and down the line). While I am less than half way through the program myself, I’d be happy to give you some feedback.


    Hi Richard,

    Thank you for this great question and thank you David for your response. Please see the video below of Bryan Hepler addressing why you may be experiencing some heavy shots as you move through the program and movements introduced.

    Student Q & A – Hitting Shots Heavy

    Thank you Richard for reaching out and the time you are putting into the training. You as well David, we appreciate the care and energy you have for the training.



    Love this explanation.

    I’ve only just finished day one, and I really loved it. I’m in. 100%.

    So I started cruzing through the supporting information and checking out the forum questions.

    I came across this explanation of fat shots and it is without doubt the clearest description I have seen of why it happens, and although I have yet to see the shin movement and the surf thing and the thrust thing in the training videos it still makes good sense.

    Thanks Bryan



    This supplemental video from Bryan is excellent!


    Love this breakout video!! Explains it on an additional level. This is why I’m bought into this program.


    Just finished the first Chapter of the program. I was perusing some of the support topics and wanted to say that the short video that Bryan provided regarding “Fat Shots” was absolutely spot on! His breaking down and rebuilding the swing synchronization to help visualize potential reasons for hitting fat shots was very clear and informative. Thanks Bryan!


    That’s such a good video Bryan, as are all of them, especially the Q&As!


    I am on day 14 and I am so excited about Tathata. I lived Bryan’s video about fat shots. I am heading over to the driving range to work on the body movements starting from the ground up.


    If you look at the training video, you’ll see that it gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Never up, never in!” By the way, I suffered through the “hitting it fat” and the “left pointing divot” syndromes. The first golf swing I learned was the one where you drop the hands straight down and point the butt end of the shaft at the target as it passes the zipper on your trousers. It’s the one Lydia Ko and Phil Mickelson use, but I’m not them. After I read Jim Hardy’s books on Impact & Plane, I realized there was another way to hit the ball, but I had difficulty following Jim’s inchoate phraseology. I knew that a video training program was needed and, so far, this is it. I’m only 13 days into the program, but I appreciate the information and detail I’ve received, but I know that the only club Brian has discussed is the stock seen iron, and I also realize that there is 5/6th of the program left to learn. I’m still going to the driving range to practice and perfect what I’ve learned, but I’m not expecting miracles and I’m not going to be crushed by a few fat shots.



    One training tool you might consider is videoing your swing down the line and face on to see if your actual swing is following the movements. The assessment tools found in chapter support may also be helpful.

    Good luck!!


    Wow! Brian’s demo of how we generate a fat shot is worth the price of the program. I am on chapter two, so the demo was very meaningful in terms of understanding. Loving the program.


    After Day 11. Golfed yesterday and had an amazing front-9, hitting some of the nicest shots ever, was shooting bogie golf (my primary goal) and then something happened (as it usually does in my game). I started hitting all my shots fat. I went through all of my movements, setup, all of those things that I didn’t think about in my front-9… and it just got worse. I ended up scoring miserably.

    So I guess I’m sharing this entry today so that you guys get both my good and my bad. I still have great eagerness and am motivated but yesterday was another very humbling round of golf.

    I’m going to watch the recommended video, do my lessons this week and we’ll see what next weekend brings. Cheers, Geoff.


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    Great Video! I am working through Chapter 2 and the short 4 minute video was a gold mine of information. Thank you for pulling it together!


    I do this and see this a lot: When we hit well, or get comfortable striking the ball, we try to add a bit more speed or power. The faster rotation or faster throw of the arms in front of us pulls our weight forward. When I do this and hit fat shots, I am immediately aware of all my weight being on the balls of both my feet – way to far forward. Weight on the big joint of the right big toe (right handed golf) is good at impact but your weight should be on near the back of the left foot. This move backwards is actually addressed in chapter 1 but it is subtle and not focused on. You can’t stand in perfect balance, standing straight up and swing something around in front of you without leaning back to counter act the pulling forward force created by the movement. Try it and learn to feel the lean backwards. Duplicate that in your swing and feel the weight in your feet at impact where it should be and impact gets really, really good. (When you end Surf to Level, check the feeling in your feet)

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