Lifting the ribs and raising the chin


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  • Lifting the ribs and raising the chin
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    I have completed day 8 of the programme, enjoying the programme so far and a lot of it makes sense. I do have one question that’s confusing me and I had this issue when I went onto the course. At what point am I lifting the ribs and chin?

    My instincts tell me that it’s on the way through because of staying centred and down through the back swing and as I strike the ball, however I am not sure so was looking for some guidance. However at the weekend the aspect that let me down was my irons and approach play from 100+ yards. Pitching is good but iron play was terrible.

    I am not deluded into thinking the programme will make me better overnight, however some of the mental exercises already helped as my putting was the best it had been in two months, I know the programme will make me a better player once I’ve completed the 60 days.


    I think I have resolved this.The visuals/pictures are really good as they show where you should be with each position and through each movement.


    Hi Stuart! We apologize for the delay in responding to your question, but glad to hear you have resolved this on your own. One of the reasons the program was built is to have golfers start to answer their own questions through the progression of the lessons and as more information is revealed throughout when you are ready for it.

    As basic as we would want to get here, you have found that the ribs begin loading and drawing up and back immediately after our “clean start” or takeaway.

    If you haven’t already, use your promo code you receive in an email from us on October 24 to access your free year of the new membership. We haven’t taken a lot of the feedback you and other students have given us and have applied them to the new program and additional courses.

    If you need help accessing your code, reach out to [email protected]

    Thank you!



    Out of curiosity, has your iron play (from 100+ yards) improved like you wanted? If not, what do you feel is your mistake?

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