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  • surfing?
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    I am 62 years young and have completed the 60 day program and for the most part am very pleased. Early in the year, but i have played a number of times and results vary. i get to go to range more than i get to play, usually a Saturday player, occasionally once during week. I am now going back through program and each time i go through i pick up something new. I will say this, i have hit more pure shots especially with irons than ever before, but consistency is not there. My original distance is back, 8 iron approx. 150 yards. My question is on surfing, which i find a key component to my swing. I understand the moving of the chins and knees forward, and not letting the right knee come forward and to the ball, but i find my weight moving to far to my front side and hips opening too quickly. i lose the c position at this point. the soccer kick drill helps at times. When one surfs, is weight still equally on both feet, or slightly moved to the outside of the forward foot? I find myself so far forward, it is difficult to to move the club to the proper position after contact. I am straight up and down rather than the “C” position or superman pose as you guys like to call it. balance is way off. Hand eye coordination is still pretty good so somehow i make this work but it is not consistent. My miss is usually a slight pull or even worse, a pull hook. when i try to correct I hit i high fade, not a slice but a weak shot.


    Hey Bill. Sounds like you are not surfing to level but instead letting your torso get out over your front foot. Could be a flexibility issue or just sequence. My thoughts on this are that as you surf to level you let your head lead the show instead of the feet, shins, knees and your shoulders end up not in line with your knees and hips. In modern parlance, you are loosing your spine tilt in your downswing.

    Try more soccer kicks really feeling the crescent. Lift your trail foot high so you get that weight out front and you have to balance with the torso almost falling back. Also, when you do any of the finishing moves, really feel your hips pushing forward and squeezing your thighs together. Your hips should be the closest thing to the ball at finish.

    Just some suggestions as I am sure the Tathata team can also recommend some good ideas. Also, check out the Student Q&A section of the video library for help. I found some good information in there that helped me with surf to level movement.



    Great observations about your motion. Everything you are saying seems to make a lot of sense.

    One thing that could help is part 1 of Body Movement 6: Surf the Knees. Part 1 relates to the kicking of the knees toward the target. As you do this, keep your head centered. Your knees and pelvis will move a good distance toward the target (6” or more) but keeping the head centered will help you stay balanced. This will also really help eliminate the pull as the club will come down slightly more from the inside as you will be less turned coming into impact during this motion.

    Notice that your back hip is almost even with the ball but your head is exactly where it was when you started the movement. Remember, your body is still perfectly square during part 1 of this movement. Be sure your front knee is flexed as you do this too. Notice what this does to the tilt in your spine. The spine should go from straight up and down at setup of this movement and should be significantly titled away from the target by the end of the “Surf the Knees” movement. It will still be level to your pelvis but this should help your balance and clean up your slight pull on the downswing caused be being slightly over turned in the downswing and coming into impact.

    Feel free to use this same feeling as you perform “Hug Through Impact.” Keep your head perfectly centered between your feet as your knees, thighs and hips kick toward the target and turn down.

    During these movements, if it helps, hold an alignment rod straight up and down to represent your spine directly in front of you with both hands. Your elbows will be out and forearms will be parallel to the ground. As you kick your lower body, use the shaft to see what the spine is doing. It should be radically tilting away from the target as your head stays in place.

    Great observations in your own motion. These couple of pointers should really help you. If you would like anymore clarity, feel free to reach back out.




    thank you for the responses. Without video to confirm, I am almost positive my head and body are sliding forward on the downswing. I can visualize how this would cause a pull or a high weak fade. Hitting today, will try to keep head centered and spine tilted away from target past impact. yes, flexibility is an issue. Sometimes it is hard for us older folk to bend the way we used to. I will say this, i have had more sore muscles in hip area than ever before but i understand the movements. Video doesn’t lie, when you see how the pros do it as illustrated in your program and the way it is taught here all makes sense to me. i understand the golf swing much better than ever before. Last thought, the driving range i go to has lots of armchair teachers along with 3 or 4 teaching pros. i just chuckle when i hear some of the things being recommended. Very impressed with Tathata Golf program, now it is just a matter of trying to change some things i was doing wrong. Takes time. Cudos to the staff at Tathata. Side note, I want to thank Lauren, I think it is, for taking time to helping me when I have video or connection problems. Customer service is very important and Tathata has been great. I would recommend it to anyone. Plus she is an accomplished golfer and it’s nice to talk a little golf with her. Will let you know my progress.


    Thanks Bill for the response and feedback on your experience with the program! We are very thankful to you and all who are part of Team Tathata, without you all we would not be where we are today! Your comments and thanks will be passed onto Lauren and the entire staff. Thank you.

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