What level of golfer is the Tathata Golf 60-Day Program designed for?

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  • What level of golfer is the Tathata Golf 60-Day Program designed for?
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    Tathata training provides a complete set of fundamentals and training practices, therefore golfers of all ability levels can and have benefited from it. Whether you are a complete beginner, weekend golfer, top amateur or even a touring professional, the program is designed to help you and be used by everyone. People of all different ages and body types can also use and equally benefit from the program. Principles of creating, storing, and moving energy as well as principles to fully support a striking motion are the same no matter age, body type or ability level. We tested the 60-Day Program training practices and principles extensively on all of our students, young, old, male and female saw incredible results with all different types of users.

    Although users will experience a small bit of exercise throughout the program, users of all different levels of physical ability can easily complete the movement routines and training programs. If there is any difficulty experienced while completing any of the movement routines, users can simply modify the number of times each movement is performed to fit their needs.

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