Is the 60-Day Program also considered a fitness program?

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  • Is the 60-Day Program also considered a fitness program?
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    The 60-Day Program introduces you to movements and a structure of training that your body may not be used to doing. The program introduces and trains you to move your body from the ground up and from your center to create strength, safety and leverage. Depending on how your body is normally used to moving, you may experience a slight soreness in the first 2-3 weeks as your body learns and trains in these new movements. The movements are programmed into separate routines, where each movement is trained for multiple repetitions within multiple sets. You will be exposed to faster paced routines as you progress in each chapter and provide a sense of an aerobic workout. Although the program may slightly increase the heart rate, the level of intensity is designed for all ages and body types train and enjoy.

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