60 Day Program Broken Apart

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  • 60 Day Program Broken Apart
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    The “60 Day Program Broken Apart” is a fabulous feature of Tathata that is waiting for those who finish the 60 day program. Here in Chapter 6 might be a good place to let the students know this is coming and how to access it. I found out about it and how to find it from a post by another student and up until that post had been reviewing the “old” training sessions using my DVDs (still valuable of course), but this “Broken Apart” feature is just right for “putting it together” ;-)! It is in the grad school tab for those who complete the 60 day training. I don’t recall, but I’m not sure it is visible until you ‘graduate.’



    Now that I am nearing the end I also would like to know how to access this feature of the program.


    For me, it appeared under the “Grad School” tab once I’d completed the 60 days


    Jim, you are correct. This is a great section of the program that opens up to you after completion of Day 60 and sits under the “Grad School” tab. You are also correct as it could be made more apparent to each student as the get closer to Day 60. Thank you for this feedback, we completely agree and are working on the communication throughout the program that this section does come available to you after Day 60 and where to find it.

    Thank you Jim and Bob, enjoy!



    Jim, Thanks for your response. I appreciate your help.



    Staff, Thank you for the help.


    I noticed that in the Broken Apart section they have included 2 new movement routines for 60-day graduates – a Graduate level body only routine and a graduate level stick routine. I haven’t attempted then yet but they seem to incorporate some of the stretching, body routines, and pressure routines. I’m excited to give them a try.

    Thanks Tathata Staff.


    Hi Les,

    Yes, enjoy these routines. They are available for 60-Day Grads to use as a complete warm-up or flow routine before you go to play.


    Early on we were told to place the hands about a fist distance from the body. I have not seen any further discussion on hand placement as related to distance from the body, but notice that in some of the comparisons with the greats, their hands seem to be further from the body, especially with the woods. Would this placement further from the body create a shallower swing.


    Hi Gary thanks for reaching out, yes as it relates to a stock 7 iron motion the fits would be positioned about a fist lengths away from the body. There is no perfect place for the hands but as it relates to creating absolute strength and leverage to support the strike, the hands would need to about a fist lengths away from the body for a stock 7 iron. As the club gets longer this distance increases. The shallow strike is a by product of proper movement complemented with pressure increasing through and out of impact! Great job with your training so far and great question!

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