About to start……but slightly concerned

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  • About to start……but slightly concerned
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    Hi everyone. I took a leap of faith (the $80 off code nudged me off the edge) and bought the program in hopes to propel my game to where I used to be and beyond.

    A little about my self and my game. I took up golf about 11 years ago and have managed to get down to a 2.3 HC at my lowest with a home grown swing. Now that number has been off and on, and currently I am right around a 6 HC. Last Sept I had a lower back discectomy and laminectomy which sidelined me for some time, but I am back in the game. The problem is I still experience lower back pain usually a day or so after playing, which has severely limited my playing ability.

    I have a vague understanding of the concepts involved in Tathata golf, but am excited about the body stretching and increased flexibility. My concern is, seeing the finish and I guess what would be described as a Reverse C (ala Nicklaus) would this cause greater strain on the lower back, which a lot of people say come from that sort of finish. Any insight is greatly appreciated.

    Steve M.


    Hi Steve – First, definately consult your physician about the appropriatness of any activity that you feel might negatively affect your back. One doesn’t need to risk permanent damage. With that said, Tathata, as I understand it, does not recommend a reverse C but instead crescent positons. You’ll learn more about it as you go through the program. Also, you may find some of the stretching routines contraindicated for your condition (as I did). Fortunately, there is a “regression” version in one of the tabs that makes life much easier for those of us who can’t hack the full monty. Good luck!


    Thanks for the reply David. I started the program the other day and have completed 3 days of the training so far and I am enjoying it, but am noticing some limitations with my body. I know that pain is never a “good thing” per se, but I also understand that doing new movements and pushing your body can induce pain, but not necessarily in a bad way. My lower back is definitely tighter since starting the program (I just need to incorporate stretching daily) but I’m going to continue but listen to my body and take a day or two off when needed. I understand that it’s a marathon and not a sprint to the finish.


    Thank you Steven for the great question and welcome to Team Tathata. Great reply by David, this is spot on which Bryan Hepler the founder has filmed a response that supports David’s comments and addresses your questions and concerns. To view this video, please click on the link below:

    Student Q & A: “Reverse C” vs. Front Side Crescent

    Thank you Steven and David for the time and energy you are putting into the training. We are happy to have you as a part of the Tathata family!


    This topic is very interesting to me, since after doing Day 23 yesterday I woke this morning with soreness in lower back that has not appeared before now. I believe, after watching Brian’s video, it’s likely I did not maintain pressure throughout the lower body equivalent to the pressure in the upper body and arms, so that in vigorous full swings the lower back was not protected. To explain a little more, I have a heavy body-type, I’m a bit out of shape, lack overall flexibility, and my sense is that I might be unconsciously staying ‘loose’ in the lower body so as to reach the full position at finish, (where the belt buckle faces left, etc.); instinctively it feels like maintaining strong pressure in legs would limit range of motion. But it seems clear from the video I need to feel the pressure in the whole body, protect the lower back, and as flexibility improves over time the best finish position will come along as it should. In any event, injury to the back is not an option, nor as to Brian’s whole point about pressure, is there any benefit in reaching a certain position if body pressure is not maintained.

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