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    I completed the 60-day program about a month ago. I now feel much more confident with my swing mechanics. But, I’m struggling with accuracy. My ball flights include: 50% on target, 30% draw or hooks, 10% fades.

    I revisited days 20-30 of the 60-day program which focuses on pressure. I do struggle with keeping and increasing pressure and am continuing to work on this aspect of the swing. I wonder if I’ve missed something though.

    As a side note, I have only occasional success drawing or fading the ball per the sections on shape and trajectory. I wonder, is that is a clue?



    Thanks for reaching out and the detail of information you have included here. I would recommend revisiting the Introduction to the Impact Movements videos on days 24 and 25 in this section as well. If you have a tendency to draw the ball, the thrust of the body might not be supporting the club face through impact well enough and causing it to slightly close on you. Besides checking the position at the top of your backswing to make sure the club face is square as your build energy to the top of your backswing, the way the body moves and thrusts into the crescent position would be something to check. With this, I would also start to notice if the tilt of your shoulders at the finish position helps as well. If your back shoulder is too high and the shoulders are too level to the ground at your finish position, this is something that can cause the ball to draw and hook as well.

    I hope this helps, let us know if you need anything else from us after experimenting with this in your movements and on the course.


    Thanks for the very helpful reply. As you suggested, I reviewed the Impact Movements videos and found that the lessons did not sink in as I thought they had. And, yes, my shoulders were level to the ground at the finish too.

    I will be reviewing the lessons and practicing indoors until the weather improves. I will post the results once the weather permits a few rounds.


    As promised, I reviewed the videos and practiced indoors. I finally had a chance to play a few rounds and am very pleased with the results. Although my accuracy is still a bit spotty, it has greatly improved. The key factors that needed attention include: alignment, pressure and follow through.

    At setup, I subconsciously aligned my shoulders to the right of target (front shoulder forward) causing an inside out swing. This resulted in either a draw or a hook depending the severity of my other swing flaws at the moment.

    I often reverted an old habit of keeping a light grip throughout the swing. This allowed the club-face to impact the ball at random angles with unpredictable results.

    Checking my shoulders at the finish (they were level to the ground rather than tilted) meant that something bad was happening during the follow through. I realized that I have a tendency to stand up after impact rather than let the club momentum carry me along for the ride.

    All in all, this course has improved my skill level dramatically. I get lots of unsolicited compliments on my swing and how much I’ve improved.


    That’s incredible, thank you Bill for following up with us and sharing your progress after going back into the program. We are smiling and honored that you have seen great improvement in your game with the program. We look forward to hearing more from you as you continue to create new outcomes for your game.

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