Anatomical Review Ch. 2 "say what?"

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  • Anatomical Review Ch. 2 "say what?"
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    So I just started to watch the anatomical review for ch. 2 because I read elsewhere it went into the grip in much more detail. Is this a golf training program or am I studying to become a hand doctor? I mean, come on gang, can you please speak a little bit of english when going into the grip in greater detail? How about some more pics, especially of where the grip lays exactly in the fingers and/or palm? That would benefit us way more than mentioning each and every bone in the hand/fingers that most of us have no idea what you are talking about without breaking out our skeletal system encyclopedia. Don’t get me wrong, I love Tathata Golf and study daily but the anatomical review on the grip in chapter 2 is a mess and very hard to grasp.


    Hey Robert. I would just look at Hogan’s grip in 5 Lessons if you are confused. Very similar in structure and concept. Also, I think there is a question about the long thumb in the forum here that also has a reference to Hogan’s grip.

    The way I think of the grip – club in the fingers and not the palms, palms facing each other and perpendicular to the ground with the back of your lead hand facing the target, and I squeeze with my bottom two fingers of my left hand (I’m right handed) and the middle two fingers of my right hand. I use an overlapping grip though I think this is personal preference of whether you wnat overlap, interlock, or 10-finger grip.

    Tathata teaches us to increase pressure in the grip progressively to the finish though I have always had pretty firm grip pressure all the way through my swing (one less variable to time). I don’t wear a glove and my callouses are in the middle of my fingers and in the middle of the palm pad of my left hand and along the top of my palm of my right hand where the fingers meet the palm.

    I personally try to avoid any pincer pressure where my index fingers are pressing down on the club. This locks up the forearms and in my thinking prevents proper rotation of the forearms. I use the pressure of the left thumb and the pad of the left hand to act as a vice to lock in the club. Again, review Hogan’s book where he demonstrates how he can hold the club with only his left thumb on the club.

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