Arms Not Entirely Moved By The Body

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  • Arms Not Entirely Moved By The Body
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    When I do the individual movements, with or without a club, I can generally pressure my arms against the body and move the arms through and beyond impact with my body. However, when I swing a club full speed to hit a ball, my arms are not as connected to my body and they seem to move through more independent from the body. This is confirmed when I look at video of my swing.

    If I slow my swing way down, I can do a better job of using my body to move the arms through impact, but when I move up to “normal” swing speed, it seems like my arms (and the club) are moving faster than the body.

    Any thoughts?



    You seem right on track. I applaud you for checking yourself out with video, which speeds up the process of learning new movements. My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing but maybe increase the number of slow swings and body reps that your doing until the proper action shows up at normal swing speed. Also, keep an eye on that take-away move because it can cause numerous down-stream issues.

    Good luck!


    Hi David. Thanks for your thoughts!

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