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    If there is one thing that brings success to the movement training more than anything, it is the performance of precise and accurate movements. With these assessment & enhancement PDFs, users learn how to assess and enhance themselves with more details of how to look at and evaluate their performance of each movement. The more accurate and precise individual movement performance gets, the better the overall motion gets helping to add distance and improve contact on all shots and the better prepared users will be for learning ahead in the program. Print the Assessment Form PDF that sits inside each Chapter Support tab and follow the instructions included to provide yourself, a friend, or a student an evaluation.


    When I’m in set up with my usual amount of forward lean and let my harms just hang with the force of gravity, they hang a full hand span, thumb to pinky finger away from my body. I believe my forward bend is not excessive, it looks similar to Tathata staff. So in order for me to get my arms to “hang”, directly below my chest one fist width away from my body, I have to either borrow one of the hulks fists to perform the measure, or physically pull my hands in rather than just let them hang!

    I’m on day 31 and am really enjoying the course and improving greatly. I just thought I’d revisit the basics and try to clear this up.





    Interesting observation. One thing that we encourage is standing closer to the ball than further from the ball. If you are feeling comfortable as is, by all means continue standing this distance from the ball but feel free to play around with standing closer to the ball. We have students that come to our outdoor training facility try to stand uncomfortably close to the ball sometimes. This helps the body push slightly back through impact as it is working toward the target and helps the hands and arms get a little stronger through impact as they are closer to the body. Again, feel free to play around with this yourself in your practice if you get the urge.


    Thanks for getting back to me. I spend a lot of time working away from home staying in city hotels with no access to golf clubs so Tathata training has been great in the sense in that I can diligently work through the drills, none of which involve hitting a ball. I’m always excited at the weekend when I can get to the range or course and see it all come together. (Once I’ve got used to the weight of a club, as opposed to an umbrella!) Keeping the hands closer to the body makes perfect sense, I was just confused by the reference to a hang and the distance that left my hands out. Thanks for clearing that up.



    I believe your spine angle at address has a lot to do with how your hands hang down. Putting and short game chapter talk a little about this.

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