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    I’ve improved my game significantly as a result of the program. For the first time in my golfing career, I know where the various parts of my body should be during different parts of the swing. Sometimes on the course, however, I get so focused on movement details that I lose the “athletic flow” of the swing and hit a bad shot. Is there an overall athletic action image–like hitting a baseball, throwing the club, etc.–that would help me stay fluid?


    Thank you Ronald for your testimony and also for your question. We see this question often and do quite a bit of training around this topic of “taking it to the course” at our Graduate Schools and Live Training here in Scottsdale, which you will experience since you are signed up for the January 21-22 school.

    One of the reasons we see is simply allocation of time spent training. We generally see students spending the majority of their time working on or training mechanics. Generally speaking our thoughts or habits will be centered around where we put the majority of our attention in the game of golf. We suggest going back into the program and looking at a few deeper discussions. The first deeper discussion that will help is called “Sensing Energy.” This is where we talk about the idea of looking out in front with a sense of something new and incredible building. That being said if we want those moments to show up more often training centered around that topic will only help. See if you can go out for nine holes and walk into every shot with the intention of sensing something new and incredible out in front. Now that is easy for us to say but what happens the first time we sense something incredible and we hit a poor shot. This is where we smile inside look out in front again with an expectation that the next moment might just be better than its ever been before. If we do this enough times in a row the momentum inevitably shifts.

    We do a lot of this training with tour players from a pre-shot/post-shot energy perspective but in the other direction. Tour players hit a lot of good shots. As we know from the discussion on stopping time, we can stop time in what is seemingly a negative and positive direction. With tour players they hit good shots more often than not. In many ways it is easy to expect something new or better when we have a bad shot, but it is more difficult to look out in front and expect something incredible when we do something incredible and expect the next moment to be better than its ever been. We also suggest the deeper discussions on stopping time, playing to the boundaries and shooting your lowest score.

    Thank you again for the question, we look forward to seeing you in January.

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