Low back pain from no lower body rotation.

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  • Low back pain from no lower body rotation.
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    Hello, I am having some difficulty with lower body rotation/ foot work. I tend to think too much about snapping to level, and having the arms becoming connected to the chest, pushing down and back etc.., that I forget all about the movement after, and eliminate all lower body rotation. As a result, I’ve been experiencing a lot of lower back pain from this act of getting stuck. The natural rotation that should be occurring is not happening for me. Any advice on how I can fix my flaw? I’d like to protect my back so I can play for as long as possible:) Oh and thanks for the great program!


    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reaching out and your question. Great to hear you are enjoying the program!

    We have responded to your question about back pain with a video, to view this please click on the link below:

    Student Q & A: Getting to the Finish with No Back Pain

    Thank you Steve for being a part of Tathata Golf, let us know if you have any additional questions.


    Dear Tathata,

    Thank you for the video response! I feel very honored to receive such an in-depth and personalized response to my question!

    Wow, so many valuable tips included here in your response! They have already helped me with my road blocks. The pressurizing of the upper thighs/groin, the “coming together” of the entire body post impact, the thrusting up of the body to a strong/pressurized finish- able to “take a punch”, the balance on both legs at finish (not all on the left leg), the illusion of the left leg straightening when really the body is turning up, etc..

    Your help is very much appreciated. Before discovering Tathata, I had started to develop a terrible case of the yips and just a horrid looking golf swing. I was seeking advice all over youtube, watching one random golf lesson after the next. Tathata has help me regain my confidence and take back control of my golf swing. I am currently a little more than half way through the program, and have already seen my handicap drop from an 18 to an 8! I have on numerous occasions found myself scoring even par through 9 hole stretches or more! I know now how a golf ball should properly be hit. I find myself daydreaming of the pure shots and amazing swings I made on the course (which is also happening now in much more frequency). With the confidence that I am moving my body and swinging the club in the correct manner, the sky is the limit! I could keep going on, but to sum it up – Thank you. I love this game, and Tathata has truly given me the tools needed to discover my full potential.
    – Steven M.

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