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    I have a half way decent understanding of how the muscles are connected and that weak hamstrings can lead to a tight back. Let’s just say that my hamstrings are like pee-wee football and not collegiate in terms of strength. With this in mind, while doing the Body Movements Routine A, more specifically lifting the rib cage and pushing back on the glutes, I am feeling a good amount of tightness in my lower back. Nothing that I am concerned about, just super tight. I am only on Day 4 right now and am looking forward to the stretching portion of this, but should I be worried or is this completely normal?


    Hi Steven,

    Thank you for reaching out, this is a great question and other students who see this will also benefit. Bryan Hepler, the founder, has filmed a video response to you on how to fully support your lower back through the training and your golf swing. To view this video, please click on the link below:

    Student Q & A: Adjusting Setup to Fully Support Lower Back

    Thanks Steven.


    I also will second the Sarno MD book Healing Back Pain. I read this book almost 16 years ago and it will change your life. You must have an open mind about the power of the mind body connection. I also recommended this book to a friend of mine that was going from one chiropractor to the next for back pain and thanked me when he was cured from reading that book. Good luck everyone, Tathata training has been awesome!



    HI :
    I’m just finished day 5 and did find the stretching exercises more than I was able to do.I know this is a progression and am going to try for improvement as I do find some positions of the swing ( the last thrusting movement ) difficult to reach because of pain .I am 62 and although in pretty good shape am not as flexible as I should be . Do I just do the stretches as outlined and push as far as possible or are some easier stretches more applicable .
    thanks Kim


    I also had some mild back issues. I have worked hard on improving my technique in the way described by the Tathata staff and this has helped. The one thing I don’t think has been mentioned that might have been, is the importance of allowing the back leg, (right in my case as a right hander,) to slide away from the ball and towards the front leg during the latter stages of the throughswing. I originally tried to keep my back leg in place thinking the slide was allowing for some lack of flexibility in lessor mortals. (Yes, I’m that arrogant!) Guess what, I’m one of those lessor mortals because it was hurting my back by not performing what I now understand is a vital part of the movement. If you are still not quite pain free having heeded the advice of Tathata staff on this issue then make sure you are allowing the back leg slide to occur. It might be the final piece of the jigsaw.



    Thank you for the comments and questions.

    If you are having any difficulties with the stretching routine within the 60-Day Program, we recommend checking out the Regressions Routine of the Stretching Movements. It will contain the original stretches and a modified/easier version of each stretch to help support any injuries or lack of flexibility. You can find this routine as a daily extra on Day 5 and in the Chapter support section. The video is called Stretching Movements Routine (Regressions). When you scroll past the Day 5 lesson video, you will see the Chapter Support and Daily Extra tab where you can find this video. This stretching video can be found in all of 6 chapter’s chapter support section for your convenience. Whenever stretching comes up in the program, regardless of the day you are on, you can scroll down to the chapter support and find this video.


    I too suffered a back injury following the tapes in the first stretching section. I attempted to Stretching Routine A body movement 4. Leaning back and trying to grab my ankles. Unless your very flexible you should not attempt this. I wish the Video would have shown the Regression move first. Tathata should warn people not attempt Movement 4 if they have had any previous back issues. This brought back a back injury from 4 years ago. That was 4 months ago. I have started the program again with much more caution. With just applying The basic Body routine, I am hitting the ball much better.

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