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    Not sure what I am doing incorrectly but I feel like I am falling forward while completing the swing.


    Paul – Do you feel in balance while doing the routines from chapters one and two? You may want to go back through these chapters and perform the movements while taking a video from face on and down the line. This would enable you to determine if you’re doing the movements like they are in the video. You may also want to check out the chapter review option that is available. I haven’t used it but I’ll bet it would really help if you have questions.


    Hi Paul,

    Do you feel you are falling forward during the swing and moving toward the ball or are you falling forward at the completion of the swing toward the target?

    As you begin the surfing motion, make sure this movement is being initiated by arching both feet. You will notice how this firms up the ankle, shins and thighs to support the kicking of the shins, push back, turning down of the thighs and as we begin to thrust up to the finish.

    The arching of the feet will help you from falling forward toward the ball in motion if that is what you are experiencing, as well as supporting your movement to the finish. Even at the finish of your golf swing the left or front foot is arching to support the crescent.

    As we move into the crescent and finish on the eye-line, we know that the glutes are squeezing and getting thrusted up and under the body to support the lower back, while the thighs are also squeezing together. This keeps us balanced and not wanting to fall forward.

    One other thing to notice at the finish of your swing, do you feel like most of your weight has moved to your front side and front foot? Do you feel any weight or strength in your back foot almost acting as an anchor into the ground or does it feel loose and unstable? We wouldn’t want all of our weight to have moved to the left or front side, there’s still strength in the back foot but not a hung back feeling and we have still come up onto the toes of the back foot. The body feels centered, balanced and strong here at the finish.

    Let us if this helps or if you have any further questions.


    I reviewed the section explaining pressure in the feet during the swing. I discovered I wasn’t putting any, or very little, pressure into the right heel during the backswing. I believe this set up a chain of events that led to my balance issue. Once I began to sense pressure in the inside of my right heel during the backswing my balance issue was resolved. Thank you so much for the additional thoughts above.


    Thanks for the reply Paul, great to hear you have resolved this on your own by going back through this section! If you have any further questions let us know.

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