Ball position..1inch inside the left heel?

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  • Ball position..1inch inside the left heel?
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    I am unable, or at least find it very hard, to hit a draw with this swing. Is it my ball position? As I have studied Mr Hogan’s swing for so long and “attempted” to copy it, “unsuccessfully I might add”. He, and correct me if I’m wrong, used the theory of the ball being 1 inch inside the left heel for “ALL” shots and just moved his back foot for different length shots, (reference from his book)…..correct? I have this very nice power fade going on which is mostly consistent but I still need the draw shot off the tee on various holes. What am I missing here? I’m up to day 36 FYI.


    Typo, Different length “CLUBS” that should have read.


    Glenn – I believe this will be “discussed in greater detail” in a later chapter. In the mean time, you might try to make sure that your surf-to-level move is performed with the shoulders closed 5 to 10 degrees. You can video yourself down the line to see if your “feel” in aligned with what’s actually happening. You’ll also be able to tell if your glutes are moving toward the ball, which would also open the club face a bit. This latter issue is a move that I see in almost every non-tour-level player. Fixing it seems to be the elusive holy grail. lol


    Thanks Dave, I’ll work on it. Love this training.


    I really don’t understand what do you mean by shoulders closed 5 to 10 degrees ? Can you please explain this more thanks.


    Sorry forget to include my email thanks


    Thanks for the conversation on this channel Team Tathata! Paul, as it relates to the snapping to level movement, all we are doing is getting the body back to level before we send energy to the desired shape and trajectory! “Level” simply means the shoulders, abdomen, and upper thighs are all virtually parallel to each other pre impact before we rotate through and out of impact. For more detail make sure to dive back into the body movements routine inside the chapter 1 lessons. Keep in mind the pressure of this movement will help you improve the accuracy of your movement and speed up your motion to improve your shot dispersion and increase distance. Great job with your training Team Tathata!

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