Bandwith and buffering


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  • Bandwith and buffering
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    Just started so far the video has buffered more than it has played. If it stops every 30 sec how can I learn? I have a brand new MAC and gig internet this is unacceptable. If you can’t afford enough bandwith then you should just offer the DVDs not streaming.


    I did have some robust buffering going on earlier today but everything was fine a few hours later. I do understand that there are many places that traffic can slow, only one of which would be within the control of Team Tathata. I’m sure they are doing all they can to make sure the problem is not on their end.


    Hi Matthew and David,

    We are sorry to hear you are experiencing streaming issues. All of our videos on our website and within the program are hosted by Vimeo who does offer unlimited bandwidth for us. With that said, Vimeo has been experiencing some issues recently and we are working with them and our web team to get things fixed as fast as possible. Unfortunately, its a little out of our control but we wanted to let you know we are working with Vimeo to get these issues resolved.

    We appreciate your patience, we are too are a bit frustrated and are looking forward to a solution very soon!


    Thank you for your patience as we investigated the playback issues. We wanted to update you on some information that was shared with us yesterday from Vimeo, our video host provider. Vimeo shared with us that they recently identified an issue in their software that was impacting the video playback intermittently with all of their videos and customers. They said this was causing certain videos additional time to load or not load at all, which their developers were looking into and trying to get resolved ASAP. Vimeo is pretty large company with thousands of clients and users, so we anticipated them fixing the issue as fast as possible.

    We received a message from them earlier this morning saying the playback issues affecting certain videos has been resolved.

    If you are still experiencing problems please let us know!

    Thank you again for your patience! Enjoy your training!


    This is a significant negative. I have superfast internet, but need to keep changing the HD to 360p to stop the video from pausing so often and for so long. And you often cannot pause a video and come back to it later – that frequently results in collapse and a variety of false error messages. Then need to refresh the browser and find my place again with difficulty. This is slowing down my learning.

    Not sure Vimeo is the best player even if working smoothly. No scroll bar (let alone a preview) and very difficult to return to a position or to jump around and check something you watched a bit earlier. I can understand not wanting to let customers download the videos and play them efficiently at home, but even online there must be a better way. I think all my Revolution Golf video series (Jim McLean, Sean Foley, etc) are streamed on Brightcove. You can click on the progress bar to jump back and forth quickly and it doesn’t buffer or crash.


    Thank you informing us of the playback concerns some of you have been experiencing.

    We are currently looking into alternatives to ensure the quality of the videos are being met to the standards you all have expressed. We will keep you posted as we look to improve our video playback and system.

    Some helpful tips you might try:

    Browser Refresh:
    When logged into the program you can press CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your favourite browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, etc.)

    Update your Browser:
    Ensure you have an up-to-date browser you can click on the preferences (Mac) or Help (Windows) and selecting “Check for Updates”. Allow the browser to update and navigate back to your lesson.

    Clearing your Cache:
    Clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser to make sure that you have the most recent version of the web page.

    While you should clear your web browser’s cache, cookies, and history periodically in order to prevent or resolve performance problems, you may wish to record some of your saved information first. Take a moment to ensure you have your password and login information written down.

    Mobile browsers
    Go to Settings > and choose Apps or Application Manager > Swipe to the All tab > Find the web broswer and tap the icon. > Tap Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

    Chrome on Android
    Chrome Menu > Settings > Advanced Privacy > Clear browsing Data.

    Click Settings > Safari > Scroll to bottom > Clear History and Website Data

    Tap the Internet Explorer live tile on the home screen. > Tap on the ellipses (…) at the bottom right. > Scroll down and tap settings. > Scroll down and tap delete history. > Tap delete to confirm. > Wait a few seconds for the cache and cookies to clear.

    *Note* Always check your devices manual for specifics on clearing cache instructions.

    Desktop browsers
    In the browser bar, enter:
    – Browsing history
    – Download history
    – Cookies and other site and plug-in data
    – Cached images and files
    From the Obliterate the following items from: drop-down menu, you can choose the period of time for which you want to clear cached information. To clear your entire cache, select the beginning of time.
    Click Clear browsing data.

    From the History menu, select Clear Recent History.
    If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
    From the Time range to clear: drop-down menu, select the desired range; to clear your entire cache, select Everything.
    Next to “Details”, click the down arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items.
    Click Clear Now.

    Microsoft Edge
    In the top right, click the Hub icon (looks like three horizontal lines).
    Click the History icon, and then select Clear all history.
    Select Browsing history, then Cookies and saved website data, and then Cached data and files. Click Clear.
    After the “All Clear!” message appears, exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

    Internet Explorer 9 and higher
    Note: As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft has ended support for Internet Explorer versions prior to version 11, unless you are running Windows Vista SP2 or certain versions of Windows Server; for a complete list of exceptions, see Microsoft Support Lifecycle. UITS strongly recommends that you upgrade to a new operating system if your current system does not support Internet Explorer 11 and is not on Microsoft’s list of exceptions.
    Select Tools (via the Gear Icon) > Safety > Delete browsing history….
    If the menu bar is hidden, press Alt to make it visible.
    Deselect Preserve Favorites website data, and select:
    Temporary Internet files or Temporary Internet files and website files
    Cookies or Cookies and website data
    Click Delete. You will see a confirmation at the bottom of the window when the process is complete.
    Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

    From the Opera menu, select Settings, and then Delete Private Data….
    In the dialog box that opens, select the items you want to clear, and then click Delete.
    Exit/quit all browser windows and re-open the browser.

    From the Safari menu, select Clear History and Website Data….
    Select the desired time range, and then click Clear History.
    Go to Safari > Quit Safari or press Command-Q to exit the browser completely.
    Safari 7 and below
    From the Safari menu, select Reset Safari….
    Select the items you want to reset, and then click Reset. As of Safari 5.1, Remove all website data includes both cookies and cache.
    Go to Safari > Quit Safari or press Command-Q to exit the browser completely.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you and we are actively looking at solutions.

    Thank you again,

    Tathata Golf Staff

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