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    I am doing the program a second time. I did it last year with great results. Going through again and trying to grow my understanding of the movements. The baseball throw has me greatly confused this time around. All I am doing is throwing the force down into the ground. I am not getting the move from backswing to the baseball throw. I am probably taking the move too literally. As I move into the thru impact move does that move the baseball through further in front on the left leg? I get from a position stand point that hand has to pass through there but I am not getting it. I am just dumping all the force in front of my right leg


    Hi Mark,

    Great question, we are happy to provide some further clarity here. Let’s start with the Baseball Throw movement in the downswing. The hand should finish just outside of the back thigh which will also be roughly directly beneath the back shoulder (from a view point of looking straight at the front of your chest and front of your body, face-on). Put the club upside down in your hand to dial in the hand position. The club should be roughly 45 degrees between straight up and down at impact and parallel with the ground. It should also be on a 45 degree angle between being parallel with the target line and being perpendicular to it (like it would be at impact).

    Keep the back hand here and simply use the movement thrust through impact with a club or just with the body. Notice the relationship to the back shoulder doesn’t change but the body simply moves this through impact to where the club shaft would be parallel with the ground again on the follow through. Keep the back arm firm, start it where it would be at the end of the baseball throw in the downswing movement and perform the thrust through impact movements with the club or without.

    Notice the chest, shoulders and body have moved but this relationship between the back hand and back shoulder shouldn’t have changed from when it was directly under this shoulder. The arm is now almost parallel with the ground but now right in front of this shoulder. Be sure it hasn’t crossed the center line of your body, meaning it is not right of your belly button (if you are RH). This helps you use all the force from the hand going straight down in the downswing and propels it through and out of impact. It also helps to stabilize the hands and arms to the body through impact, stabilizing the club face while also moving with maximum speed.


    Thanks for this detailed explanation. I’ve been struggling with a bad cases of the pulls and trying to work out where they were coming from. It’s seems possible that faulty BB throw was the culprit. (Throwing too far and closing down face too much before the body even gets moving).

    Please can you confirm the last paragraph though? Should you have said….meaning it is not left of your belly button?

    I’m on day 49 & loving the program. I was just frustrated because I’d gone from hitting it awesome with every club to pulling everything and couldn’t work out why. I can’t wait to get home at e weekend and try it out.

    Thanks Tathata.

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