Big Fade with driver – first time out

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  • Big Fade with driver – first time out
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    Just completed the 60 day program last week and really enjoyed it. Because I live in the midwest I haven’t had the opportunity to hit any range balls or play until this past weekend when I played 9 holes. I hit the ball very crisply which I was encouraged with for the first time out. However, I hit big fades with my driver which was really odd for me. I’m a 4 index and I understand the swing really well but my go to shot has always been a draw. In fact, I have always struggled with consistently fading the ball off the tee when I need to. I used to play with a slightly stronger grip than what Tathata golf recommends so changing or weakening my grip could contribute to the fade but what other things should I be considering as a cause of this big fade? I feel like I snap to level well and my downswing is definitely a little more upright or vertical than it previously was but not sure what else to consider.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Hi Anthony,

    Congratulations on completing the program, we’re glad you enjoyed it and are seeing improvement your first time back to the course after the winter time and joining Tathata Golf!

    With your Driver, does the ball start out at your target then fades or do you at all push it and it fades from there? Here is video of Bryan discussing Fades/Pushes and what is causing this miss. Please let us know if this makes sense to you specifically or if you have any further questions.

    Student Q & A – Push/Push Slice


    Thank you. Basically, it starts more at target and then fades. Do you think it maybe has more to do with that I’m not applying enough pressure through impact? I’ll look into this video further.


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