can't take it to the course

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  • can't take it to the course
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    I’m on day 51 now have really enjoyed the program. My problem is that I’m hitting the ball great on the range but really, really, really bad on the course. I never top my driver on the range but do so regularly while playing. I can’t seem to shut my brain up while playing. Very frustrating as I feel like I should be playing soooo much better than I am. Any suggestions? My friends are all laughing at my new swing makeover. Only thing working while playing is short game and putting. Need help


    Anthony – I suspect your self-diagnosis is correct. You may want to revisit the mental discussions from chapters 4 and 5. If you’re hitting it great on the range then you’re almost there. Congratulations!!! Once you sense your greatness on the course several holes ahead you’ll be a very happy man. You might consider doing a round with the helpful friends, who no doubt rejoice in your pain like any good golf buddy would. lol


    I believe it’s day 52 when Brian talks about how to train at the practice range. You might be doing it all wrong mentally. If you put yourself in the driving range when you hit good shots and ONLY in the driving range then doubts will always creep in on the course. You have no safety on the mat, there’s wind, there’s lie angles there’s obstacles in the way. If you train in pristine conditions how can you take that to the course with confidence? Can you expect your mind to not be filled with doubts on your swing?


    Anthony; I think a lot of us can relate to what you are going through. I certainly have experienced hitting great shots on the range, then going to the course and wonder what happened. Most of the time I am thinking too much and not rotating my shoulders. I am just swinging my arms which puts everything out of whack.

    Over-all I am super happy with this program. I am hitting the ball a club to 1 1/2 clubs longer, and my putting is much better. Chipping is great on the range, but a little too tight on the course with hands wanting to take over.

    I’m on day 53. today I shot 36 on the front nine, then lost it on the first half of the back nine (I have no clew why). I parred the last 4 holes to shoot 44 on the back.
    Todays lesson on shaping shots made super good sense to me, and I can’t wait to go out and work on that.


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