Clarify the clubface on low-traj shots


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  • Clarify the clubface on low-traj shots
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    Early in the program, Bryan discusses how the face comes down into impact in a closed position, then as we push-back into the front hip it opens or neutralizes the face. Ultimately, squaring the face up at contact.

    Question is: When hitting a low-trajectory shot, we are delaying the push-back into the front side and surfing down-the-line a bit longer. If we’re coming down into impact with a closed-face and staying level longer without neutralizing, the ball most likely is going left.

    Please clarify.



    Brenden – I’m starting speed and trajectory next. Have you completed the entire chapter?


    I’m on Day 53.


    Hi Brenden,

    While moving through and out of impact to the finish position even on a low shot the pressure is building to a 9 at the finish. There is a sensation of the thighs and glutes squeezing together to the finish of the golf swing. This squeezing of the thighs and glutes together with the pushing down as you have learned with the hands and arms creates the club face to remain stable, centered and balanced to the body through and out of impact. When you think of trajectory in terms of the body in a golf shot think back to other sports and how the body moves differently or more level to throw a football low rather than strong and up to throw a football high. The same with kicking a soccer ball different trajectories in terms of how the body moves through to the finish of the movement.

    Great question Brenden!

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