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    Day 25 appears confused, maybe just to me! At around minute 29 you talk about the effective closing of the face due to the pushdown effect. Just 2 minutes later you talk about the effective opening of the face as a result of the body surf and turn. Can you reconcile the two please and explain what we should be focus img on.



    Thanks for reaching out Noel you bring up an excellent question! Yes, the “push down” of the hands and arms effectively closes the club face into and out of impact. It is also true that if the body is moving correctly, the “surfing” and “thrusting up” through and out of impact opens the face back up, but in relation to where the body has moved to. What we are really saying is the club face is square or parallel to the body through and out of impact and does not move independently from the body. There is a counterbalance occurring here to create a massively leveraged striking pose. As we train we should focus on both movements simultaneously. Ideally we should not place more importance on either the pushing down or the surfing movements since it is all “one movement.” Keep in mind we want to feel the hands pushing down into, through, and out of impact to not only increase speed, strength, and stability of the club face, but to also match the movements of the greatest golfers of all time. When performed correctly your impact will be more consistent with increased speed, your arc will shallow out and will help you flight the ball correctly to your desired line!

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