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    Where are the daily extras hidden? (e.g. Day 8 – Brandel Chamblee)


    Hello Douglas,

    The daily extra “Why Brandel Chamblee Believes in Tathata” is located on the Day 9 lesson page, toward the bottom within the yellow tab named “Daily Extras.”



    I’ve been thru the 60. Seeing results. Doesn’t hold up for entire round yet. Grass ranges not open yet.
    Are there specific range drills you suggest to groove my swing to stay with competing and beyond. I play a lot of golf during the season. Live on the course. So I understand the part very well if sustaining energy. That being said to “me” hitting a golf ball so far is NOT like riding a bike or driving a car. I will LOVE to see the day that happens.
    Do back to my original question. I’m guessing the range answer is take the various swing movements from 25 yard to full shots, pick targets and hit balls OR are there specific range drills you suggest. I’ve played about 10 rounds and see some change but not grooved yet.



    where are the daily extras?


    Hi Michael,

    You may find daily extras on Days 4, 7, 9, 17 and 23. The daily extras sit on these lesson pages, beneath the lesson video within a yellow tab that’s named “Daily Extra.”

    Let me know if you need any help finding these clips.

    Thank you!

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