Day 1 of 60 – Wax on, Wax off – better get some wax first

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  • Day 1 of 60 – Wax on, Wax off – better get some wax first
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    After only Day 1, I’m like Daniel-san in Karate Kid – I’m impatient and hoping for miracles. I haven’t even acquired the wax and I’m expecting to get wax-on and off with amazing results. Patience, patience, Daniel-san…

    So I golfed yesterday after my Day 1 lesson a couple of days before. I was excited to see if there were any very early results from the proper Setup, the chest, the glutes, the opening up, the “loading” vs turning. Well, there was. It was pretty terrible golf for me. Now let me be very clear that I don’t even remotely blame Tathata – it’s just about our human nature – MY human nature – and the desire for quick fixes.

    I’ve never been more excited to follow the program and to allow it to set itself. Stay tuned folks – rebuilding an old guy’s 63 year old (very awful) swing is going to be painful and amusing.



    Geoff, welcome to the “club”. My big ah-ha come on Day 4 when I did my first round after starting – and it was in a match play tournament. I lost my match 2&1 but I was impressed by how well I was hitting my mid- and long-irons. Even my opponent made good comments about some of my shots. I think Chapters 1 & 2 where the most eye opening and produced the most improvement. Chapter 3 tied everything together through the introduction of pressure.

    I should think by the end of the week you will be doing much better and you fully understand the body movements. Really pay attention to the “surf to level” movement as that back and up movement of the legs, knees, and hips is the foundation of the whole swing. Enjoy the ride as it is sure to be fun for you.


    Thanks Les. Just finished Day 2 this evening. This is such engaging material.


    Welcome Geoff, we look forward to what’s to come for you and hearing about your progress along the way!

    Great comments and advice from Les.

    Thank you both for being part of Team Tathata.


    Guys, I do my lesson each night but would love to be able to review it while I commute into town on the bus each morning. is there anyway that I can download a lesson to my Macbook?



    This is a great question. Currently, we do not have the ability to download lessons and they are only available online streaming through the website.

    Although, this is something we see extremely valuable and are looking into what options we have with the enhancements we are making to our website and courseware.

    Thank you for the feedback, we are always open to hearing how we can better improve the overall training experience!


    Thanks for the great response and quick turnaround. I find myself quite excited about the material and am eager to utilize the times when I’m not connected to the internet to refresh and drill the concepts into my brain. Typically I would only want to download the most current Day that I’ve just finished.

    Cheers, my 2nd round of golf is coming up in 3 sleeps so am eager to see how that unfolds.

    – Geoff


    Just completed Day 8. Two days ago I went out golfing and only managed to get 9 holes in as it poured buckets. I can say for sure though that there were many shots that I hit really well and still many that were fat or topped. One thing that I found most interesting was that I had this sense that I was learning anew and so my failed shots were never fixated on or sulked about. I actually had the sense that I was on a new path and that these failed shots were leading me towards where I wanted to be. That was a pretty interesting change in my mind set and a little surreal for me as I did tend to sulk a bit in the past. ha ha.

    The weather isn’t very conducive to trying out these new concepts on a course so I am patiently working through the Course Days indoors and have my next game planned for almost 10 days from now. That’s a lot of new thoughts and movements getting integrated over this period so to say I am excited about my next round is a gross understatement.

    You have my blind faith so am sure hoping for great things. Can I get from a 26 handicap down to below a 20 over the next 3-4 months?? From mid-90’s to breaking 90 more times than not. Knocking 6-8 shots off my round seems totally doable. I think that is a fair expectation – at least that’s where my head is at right now. Let’s see what Tathata can do! Cheers!


    Thank you Geoff for the update and comments. Thank you for sharing about the change in your emotions on the golf course, the more we know “who we are” and “where we are going,” the less we react to what may be happening right now.

    We would agree with you, with an expectation of greatness out in front we can sense the moments ahead being better than they have been before. We look forward to hearing how your training progresses, thank you Geoff.



    Hi all,

    I am a 18 handicap golfer and have become dissolusioned with the results of hours of lessons and making no gains on the course!

    After completing day seven i played a round and shot 12 over beating my matchplay partner (a scratch golfer) 3 and 2!!

    I cannot explain the difference in my game but the ball striking and the shot shapes were amazing!

    The only time i did not get the true results were when i got stuck in the moment and thoughts of mechanics and P1 this P6 that>

    A truly magical program of learning cannot wait to progress!

    Play well




    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us and the Tathata family. Great to hear your ball striking and shot shaping have improved!

    We look forward to you training further. Sense the moments ahead being new and better than they have ever been before.


    After 28 years of golfing (now 68) and with my game getting worse for each year, I decided either quit this mentally brutal game, or do something about it. I chose the latter, thanks to my friend Lasse Johansson, golfpro and golf store owner, here in Sweden (where I live). I’ve just completed day 6 and already look forward to each day more eagerly! My past experience from the diving world, regular tennis, daily yoga workouts and especially my coaching others in their communication skills, have taught me one thing …there are no quick fixes …these are often no more than just plaster on a wet sore! I’ve already discovered that this training is unique, comprehensive and systematically built to develop not just my swing technique but help me with the “crucial head game” all golfers face (the 80% from the neck up problem). I only wish I had started a training like this 20+ years ago, but better late than never!
    Thanks Bryan for putting this together and for all newbies (like me) be patient, develop and enjoy!



    Hi Maurice,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the training so far after Day 6. We are happy to hear that our paths have crossed and you are enjoying the program.

    We’re excited that you are a part of the family and we look forward to what’s ahead for you and your game!

    Let us know if you have any questions or support needs, we are here for you!

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