Day 2 – 9 Holes Played Observation

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  • Day 2 – 9 Holes Played Observation
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    So I finished day 2 and went and played nine holes.

    The first drive was a piercing low draw that ran forever about 280 into the wind. I really liked how being centered and together helped my drives with driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood exploded of the club face with a lower trajectory then normal for me. I did have a few that didn’t turn over and leaked to the right but they still got out there.

    I was pulling my irons and wasn’t used to the extra club in distance.

    All together I could feel my body was coordinating better and I hit no fat or thin shots.

    Curious if incorporating stack and tilt with tathata is being done by anyone?


    Short answer is no. They completely conflict as you’ll see later.


    Congrats Matthew. If you like things now, just wait until you get to chapter 3!!! As you progress, your irons should really straighten out, too.

    As for S&T, while I don’t know much about it, I do know this is very, very different. Tathata, from what I can tell, is closer to Load and Lean.


    Ask Tiger how S&T worked for him. Not good for the back in my opinion.

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