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    Is it bad that I’m on Day 22 after only 12 days from purchase ? This is like a good book. I can’t put it down
    The introduction to pressure in day 21 will forever change my misconceptions re tension/ grip pressure/ transition into the down swing. I experienced the sensation
    Consistently 2 days ago without even knowing what it was at practice range. Bob.
    (11.2 index) and I’m sure soon to be trending down ‘


    Hi Robert,

    I personally see nothing wrong with it and wished I had not taken so much time to try to perfect each movement because we’re still struggling with the exact same swing faults after over 100 days. We only at day 40 because we took the opposite approach and have worked toward true mastery of each movement before moving forward.

    My advice is to apply the concepts of “deliberate practice” using a real club as soon as you can. My child has no problem with the movements in isolation but put a club (right side up) in her hands and ask her to hit a ball and most everything goes out the window. I placed too much blind faith in the system and assumed the drills would address our issues absent full swings. If I were doing things over again I would video down the line and face on at least twice weekly to give us clear-eyed feedback every step of the way.

    Best luck!



    I would not say that your child’s success or lack thereof is not due to inability to master the movements taught in the program but rather just a matter of developing strength to handle the pressures of the golf swing. Not knowing how old your child is or how long she has been playing golf I can’t really offer much advice other than working with the shorter shots and shorter clubs first and just allow her time to build her strength up.

    I am coming from another program where I spent months drilling on specific movements just to develop the requisite strength of my golfing muscles. I am pleased that my other program and this one mesh quite well together because hardly any of the movements feel foreign or the pressures feel unmanageable.

    Good luck with your progress.



    Hi Les,

    I think we’re in violent agreement, which is why I feel using a real club rightside up with video feedback is critical. Otherwise, one assumes they have the strength to do the movements properly when they do not. My kiddo, who is 9, is a three-time tour winner for our state, although our state is MUCH less competitive than some. I am currently reworking aspects of the training so that the right components hopefully come together for us. As I mentioned previously, my only regret is not recognizing this sooner and assuming spending triple time on each movement would in and of itself lead to great progress.


    I honestly think you are making a mistake; so, let me ask you a few questions. 1) Is your left (target side) arm straight throughout the golf swing? 2) If not, where exactly does it bend? 3) Is your right elbow (off target side elbow) bent at set-up? 4) Does it bend more or less at the top of the backswing? 5) Is the right elbow pointing down at the ground at the end of your backswing? 6) Does your right armpit have enough space to fit a loaf of bread between it and your torso? 7) If you were to stick your driver’s head cover beneath your right armpit (off target side armpit) would it stay there throughout Brian Hepler’s golf swing, or would it pop out in front of you as it does in superstar Lydia Ko’s golf swing? 8) If you were to stick a driver’s head cover under your left armpit (target side armpit), would it stay put, would it pop out, or would it move around? 9) What does it mean when Michelle Wie says, “I obey the one under/one over rule that all female golfers must obey.”? 10) In what ways is LPGA champion Inbee Park’s golf swing radically different from Brian Hepler’s, and 11) How is Brian Kepler’s golf swing monumentally different from every winner on the PGA tour? Hint: you can YouTube, Swar Det’s “Golf’s Greatest Secret Isn’t a Secret Anymore” and see for yourself how stars like Rory McElroy, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, and Jordan Speeth clearly use a method that is very different from that taught in Brian Hepler’s Tathata Golf. If you can’t answer those questions, you are going too fast.

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