Difference between "Front Hip"/"Ribs" to Finish?

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  • Difference between "Front Hip"/"Ribs" to Finish?
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    In the “Day 3” movements, we are shown “Front Hip to Finish” and “Ribs to Finish”. These two movements look and feel the same to me. If there’s a difference, what does it look/feel like? I’m just not seeing it.


    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the question. The front hip to finish is the movement where we hug and move from setup to the finish position, then repeatedly collapse or relax the hips/ribs and explode/lift back up with the ribs and pushing the hips forward/left (for a right-handed player) building the front side crescent to have a sense of where our body truly is at the end of this movement. The ribs to finish movement is the entire motion from setup to finish (no collapsing), but still sensing the ribs up and hips forward/left into the front side crescent.


    I was coming here to post the exact same question. Thanks for the clarification!

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