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    I have completed all 60 days and my swing is getting better and better every session. The one thing that I do not understand is what to do with different lies. Can you please elaborate?


    I haven’t seen much on varying lies here except to practice them.

    The rules I usually use are 1) for downhill lies where the front foot is below the back foot expect a pull as your weight will have a tendancy to get ahead of the ball; 2) uphill lies expect the ball to go right as you will not be able to get your weight onto the front foot as easily and the tendancy is to leave the face open; 3) ball below your feet (hanging lie) expect a fade or slice as your hands will be up in relation to the ball; and 4) ball above your feet expect a draw as your hands will be down in relation to the ball; 5) ball in divot or hole play it back a little to encourage a deeper divot – you want to make the hole bigger as you hit through the ball.

    Similar rules in traps where hanging lies and downhill lies you will hit it thin and need to widen your stance to get the hands down under the ball. Fried egg or burried lies I have tried two different techniques – squaring the face and trying to drive the leading edge down under the ball and also really opening the face and trying to hit the ball with the hosel (it works!)


    Hi Matthew and Les,

    Great question about uneven lies. We are excited to be sharing this in the coming months with the updates to the website and course software!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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