Disabled Golfers story of Tathata training

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  • Disabled Golfers story of Tathata training
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    Hi everyone I would like to share my experience of Tathata training as a disabled Golfer. First allow me to tell you my story. I am an ex professional golfer who was diagnosed with MS 12 yrs ago,. I had left sided weaknesses and severe balance problems,this led me to quit the game and I did not start playing again until last summer. I play once a week with my brother and sometimes with friends. I play to about 11 handicap. I have caught the bug again and have been looking for ways to get back my golf game. A couple of weeks ago I came across Tathata training on you tube and became really interested. I contacted the Tathata team to enquire if it would be suitable and was wonderfully surprised when Bryan donated a course to me, for this I cannot thank Bryan and the team enough. My journey so far… I have just completed day 4 and already I am hooked. The body movements I wish I knew when I was teaching as this is such a powerful and positive way of teaching and feeling a first class golf swing. The mental training I know is going to make a huge difference not only to my golf but to my overall well-being in all areas of my life. I will keep you posted every few days of my journey. Thank you all for reading my story and I wish you all a great and rewarding experience.


    I read your post with great interest. I had a stroke about 9 years ago that weakened my right (dominant)side. I got back to golf in about 3 months but was about two clubs shorter than before but at least I was back on the course.
    About six years ago the stroke came back for a second bite an d this time I lost my balance. I have not played a proper round if golf since. In the last year I have made good progress on fitness, balance and I am now hitting balls 2-3 times week at the range. Aiming for full return next spring and felt that trying tathata during the winter would be good preparation.
    Still have some balance issues and we both know that it is golfs hidden fundamental. Keep me abreast of your progress and feel free to tell me what you do to improve your balance.



    Hi Harry. Great to hear you are feeling better and getting back to this wonderful game. If you work on the body movements I am sure you will get great benefit to your balance. I wish I knew these when I was teaching as I am sure it would have made me a better coach. Keep me posted

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