Do Tathata trained golfers take practice swings?

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  • Do Tathata trained golfers take practice swings?
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    Just finished the 60 day program and was very pleased to find out that when the entire program opens up for review that there are 2 new graduate routines A&B that are at the bottom of the movement routines section that make a great warm up and review of the entire program. Well done Bryan and very much appreciated. My question is do Tathata trained golfers need to take practice swings?, I dont think its necessary what do you think?


    Hi Louie – Congrats on completing the program!! Have you had an opportunity to take it to the course or range for validation? I’d love to know how it goes.

    As for practice swings, you either is fine. Here is a link to what Team Tathata has said about it previously:

    Hope this helps!


    I played a competitive round last weekend and I found myself not taking any practice swings that I could remember. I did do a few waggles before each shot to get a feeling for release and I also did a few back swing practices to feel getting deep into the right hip.

    Although score wasn’t my best I did have a decent round of ball striking finding most of the fairways and even some GIRs. I’m a 16 index so keep that in mind.

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