Does Swing get "easier"

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  • Does Swing get "easier"
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    I’m on day 40 and about to start the short game chapter. I have shown improvement with distance and can see the consistency improving. I can see the value in using pressure in the swing. However, it seems like to hit it well I really have to work extremely hard and am always trying to put maximum effort. While I understand the value of pressure and not being loose, everything feels very forced and strained. I have a martial arts background (a LONG time ago) and when I was training having good flow and efficient movements was important. Does this get “easier” with time or does the swing start to flow more over time?


    Hi Scott,

    From the sounds of it, the pressure scale is causing you to possibly become too tense or overly rigid in an effort to get the movements correct. This could be effecting your flow. We see this from time to time especially with Western students because pressure has a sense or relation with tension. A more appropriate definition from a martial art perspective is Qi (Chi) or Energy. Setting up the body at a 2 with a sense of being relaxed knowing that the energy of the golf swing is going to be a 9 in Qi or energy or pressure at the finish. Start to look at the number scale for pressure as more of a measuring scale for the energy of the golf swing. Swinging with energy to the finish will create a sense of pressure that will create a sense of stability in the club face through impact to the finish of the golf swing.


    Thank you for your response. I think you’re probably correct that I’m too rigid through the swing. I tried to think more in terms of energy today and this helped. I can see, however, that overtime I could have control over how much pressure I have during the swing so I can adjust the scale to the shot or my own mood. Thanks!


    You’re welcome Scott, glad we can help!

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