Down-swing/Impact confusion and loss of distance

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  • Down-swing/Impact confusion and loss of distance
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    I am on my second season with Tathata. I’ve enjoyed it as framework to learn the golf swing and have pretty much avoided all other sources around the golf swing (Youtube, etc.)

    I’ve been struggling with a loss of distance and I’m not sure that I completely understand the impact moves that are taught within the program. When I look at my video, I’ve clearly lost a lot of the “lag” and forward shaft lean before striking that ball that used to be in my swing before Tathata. I’ve lost about two club-lengths in distance.

    I’ve re-watched the course material and the Student Q&A’s and I’m clearly not understanding the baseball throw or something in the movement between the down-swing and impact.

    Here’s my swing with a wedge:

    Has anyone had success with the swing submittal? I don’t have any movement specialists in my area and I’m trying to determine my best path forward. Thanks!


    Your stance looks very narrow. You’re rocking back in your backswing and loosing your squat and raising up.

    I would suggest reviewing chapter 1 and work on getting your weight back into your right ankle and getting your glutes back.


    Hi Jason – Les has identified some of the same things that I noticed. In addition, it seems like your follow through is missing pressure and strength. Am I correct in assuming that you have completed the program?

    You may want to schedule a chapter follow up or an on-line lesson with Alex. He is very helpful!! Often we are unable to see the the things we don’t realize we’re doing wrong. I think a couple of sessions with Alex would awaken your awareness to the things you’re overlooking.

    Hope this helps,



    I just relooked at your swing in slow motion. Having a wider stance would enable you to surf a bit more without losing balance. The effect of this should be true shaft lean instead of some independent movement that can cause other issues.

    Did you pull the trigger on the swing submittal? Also, how are you coming along on this aspect of your game?

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