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    I am very pleased with the program and appreciate how each chapter of the program builds upon the previous chapters, moving the learning forward in a manner that links together and stays away from quick fixes. I have experienced at least a 10 -15 yard increase in each of my clubs from short irons, to mid irons, hybrids and finally the driver (wedge from 118 to 125; 7 iron from 150 to 160 and driver from 210-235 or greater). I am now in Chapter 6 and know that the learning will continue to assist in building my game. I have already experienced improvements in the short game and now looking forward to improving my putting. I am sure that when finished and using other tools within the course I will see the same improvements that I have realized to date. I encourage everyone to utilize the course in the manner that it is presented, realize that there will be some up and downs if you are continuing to play while utilizing the course and as with all learning some review of the previous chapters are needed as you continue your learning. Thanks to Brian and his staff for an excellent program and a help that I have not been able to achieve through other means. With the putting improvements I am sure will come I am confident that I will be in the 70’s on a regular basis instead of just now and then!!!


    Great story Frank,

    Keep it up and with work ethic like yours I’ve no doubt you will be shooting in the 70’s for fun in no time!

    I coach golf for a living and have to say how impressive the Tathata system presentation is. I have spent years and will continue to do so studying as many systems and philosophies as I can to help me be a better coach for my clients.

    Results like yours are inspiring and well deserved!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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