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    I’m hoping anybody out there can give me some feedback or advice. I’m on the verge of finishing chapter one and I was very excited to get into this program. It would seem that this found me at at an important time, as I was getting so frustrated that I was thinking of quitting golf all together. At my best I was a 14 handicap and looking to become better, but have gone in the opposite direction in the last year. I have been, and will continue to be invested in learning this material as I love the game to much to quit. Having said that I went to hit golf balls for the first time since beginning this program and my performance reminded me of the first time I stepped up to a ball. I had a sense of too many swing thoughts and I honestly think my expectations might have been a little high for the range session. My question is has there been a point for anyone where things just “clicked?” I feel as if i understand and replicate the 12 moves well. Am I still just too new to the program to see major change yet?

    Thanks for any help!



    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you for the reach out and question. Alex Moore who is in the background of the 60-Day Training Program and has been training with you these first 10 days, would like to share his experience of things “clicking.” Alex says that he would often times learn a new movement or pick up a new swing thought and rush to the driving range to “try it out.” If that tip or feeling worked Alex says he would feel happy and if it didn’t he would typically go off and look for the next tip he could find. This ultimately left him in a place of spinning his wheels.

    When Alex first started Tathata Golf he was the same way. He said he would get a new idea or train a new feeling and rush to the range to test it or validate it. The training really started to click when he began looking at the training as “Training.” Alex realized he is training his body to move and the more he trained the more “trained” he became.

    This was a new concept to him because the way he learned the game of golf was based on trial and error of a new theory or idea or tip. Once Alex started Tathata Training he finally had an understanding of how the greats moved and a pathway to get there. From that point forward it was up to him to train. Alex says he hasn’t experienced one large moment of “everything clicking” at once however he has experienced many little moments of things clicking and moving him forward. It didn’t happen all at once but over time he would have something click, wake up the next day with an expectation of something incredible happening today and something new would click. Alex says when he looks back, its amazing to take a snap shot of then vs. now but it grew and evolved and changed and developed over time. The magic is in knowing where you’re going and being open to something new happening. We’re excited that you have found new life with the game of golf and we look forward to hopefully meeting you in the future.

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