TELL TATHATA | What was your favorite chapter of the program?


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  • TELL TATHATA | What was your favorite chapter of the program?
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    For me it was Chapter 4 – Speed and Strength. This really put it all together for me and helped focus the pressures we learned in Chapter 3. I now try to do the Strength routine a couple times a week to really build a strong foundation for my swing.


    No question as far as my thinking is concerned, it was Chapter 4. Questions were answered in Chapter 4 that I have had as long as I can remember. I especially think that pressure in the arm pits will contribute greatly to the amount of pressure needed in the arms. Also,and very important, the thought that I do not have to concern myself with lag and trying to, GET THIS, KEEP PRESSURE OUT OF MY ARMS has been eye opening. A person can play golf a lot of ways, but unless they can produce it with consistency, it is not of much use. I have shot under par trying to swing with practically not pressure in the arms, but trying to produce power that way is limiting to say the least. I am sold on the whole program here. I just wish it had come along when I was younger.


    Les and Robert, thank you for the feedback and comments of Chapter 4 being your favorite chapter in the program! We love hearing what chapter or even sometimes the day/lesson that students are each drawn to or found the most beneficial for them! Thank you for sharing.


    My favorite is the pressure chapter.
    Pete Rubelman


    Great to hear Peter! Many students have also loved this chapter since it was completely different from what they have ever heard in the golf industry. Thank you for sharing!

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