TELL TATHATA | What is your favorite concept introduced in the energy routine? What part or movement in the routine has been most beneficial for you?

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  • TELL TATHATA | What is your favorite concept introduced in the energy routine? What part or movement in the routine has been most beneficial for you?
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    Yesterday i practiced sending energy to my foursome for putting and hitting the best shots they ever have. Okay, that was some experience. Perhaps in the past I didn’t exactly wish they would miss a shot or putt but certainly I didn’t wish they would make the putt. Especially if it was going to cost me a few dollars! Well on second thought I may have wished just a little they would not hit the green or make the putt. So what a concept…it was fun and look forward to training myself to make it a part of my golfing life. Thank you very much for this training…cheers…Jonathan


    Jonathan, we are smiling. Love that you experimented with sending energy to your group. Although it may have felt different and odd at first, it must have also had a sense of feeling incredibly good to see and expect greatness in others.

    Thank you for sharing this. We look forward to other students seeing and learning from your personal experience. We’re glad that you’re part of the Tathata family.


    Not so much about energy but the position of the right hand grip seems to make the swing work a lot better. Seems to make everything feel a lot easier. Right now I seem too get out of sync and end up using all arms and don’t get the body involved but I am working on it.



    Thank you for the feedback. It is amazing how important the role of the grip is in the golf swing. So many compensations stem from the basic fundamentals. Greats like Jack Nicklaus have emphasized the importance of the grip for many decades. We recently opened up for online swing submittals, online live follow-ups and follow-ups here at the Tathata Golf facility in Scottsdale. The students that reach out in these ways have been having phenomenal testimonials. They are able to hone in on the specifics of their movement and better utilize the program and their training after completing the 60-Day Program.

    Here is a direct link to the Online Live Training we have available, and the link to our Live Training here at the Tathata Golf facility,

    Thank you David.



    The presure routine 2 3 456 789. Wow did this help. Ready and Looking Forward, Ray


    I’m 70 years old with index of 11.9. As you can imagine, I have had many lessons over the years and played a lot of golf. The idea of pressure in the hands, arms, and body has been a revelation. I’ve always fought flipping my wrists and “pressure” is allowing me to correct this. I’m working hard on pushing back into the glutes and moving the body through impact. Additional benefit is the my back is much more protected when this is done properly


    Ray and Joel,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback here. Yes, we hear students say they experience “Ah-ha” moments through the pressure section and we’re glad you are having similar outcomes! Keep us updated on your progress, thank you!


    I have a very contradictory mindset. I am athletic and have a lot of confidence in my athletic ability but at the same time a huge amount of doubt. This year in the important competitions I choked big time at the finish. It was really painful. I think many would have sold their clubs and found another sport. After healing from major embarrassment, I looked at it as a challenge to figure out what was wrong and how can I overcome this. I love the mental exercises… the sending energy removes the negativity That seems to be at the root of my personality and am looking forward to coming competitions to put what I have learned to use.



    This makes us smile, great to hear you are enjoying the mental training exercises and finding them beneficial.

    These exercises are very popular with top amateurs and tour players that train with us and use the program, especially sending energy to others. We find that the emotions we feel on the course, whether it’s anger, anxiety or even the other spectrum like extreme happiness. These emotions on both sides are an example of us being selfish and when we send thoughts or energy to others we make ourselves less important by caring for others. This allows us to act from our highest good or be open to the moments ahead being better than they have ever been before.

    Thank you Jill for the time and energy you are putting into your training!


    Mental training 9. Feeling and hoping well for others just is a game changer. Really, it makes things just easier!


    Thanks Andreas, we would agree with you 🙂

    Many students have also found this helpful on and off of the course and it simply just feels like the right thing to do!

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