TELL TATHATA | What is your favorite concept introduced in the short game routine? What part or movement in the routine has been most beneficial for you?


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  • TELL TATHATA | What is your favorite concept introduced in the short game routine? What part or movement in the routine has been most beneficial for you?
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    The set up with the weight slightly surfed to the left, right handed, and that we go from a two to an eight even on short shots. Also the concept of the body moving the club. Hit some short shots off bermuda damp and grain against and amazed at contact. Normally those conditions would be a recipe for chunk city! Now wondering if bunker shots the same. Have been taught to keep lower body stable left and swing arms etc. I am ready to start day 42. thanks this has all been an amazing journey. cheers Jonathan
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    Thank you Jonathan for taking the time to share. Love hearing you are enjoying the training, thank you for being a part of Tathata Golf and the energy you are putting into the program.

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    Thanks Jonathan, enjoy the rest of your training!


    Hitting out of a bunker the way it is taught is working really well. I have never seen that anywhere.


    Where is the “search” bar? I do not see any red box.


    I was a decent bunker player before the training but after the Tathata routines for bunker and flop shots it has taken me to a new level. Like Jonathan said the set up surfed left and using the pressure has helped the most. I have noticed with flop shots using the pressure properly allows shots even off some tight lies seem easy.


    Hi Linda,

    We have been updating a few features on the website and the forum search was one of them. You can now find the search bar on the main page of the forums/FAQ’s, off to the right side of the page. Feel free to search any keyword of what you are looking for and the results will populate to the left.


    Norman and James, great to hear you have enjoyed the short game portion of the program and have found it valuable! Thank you for the time you are putting into your training.


    The most helpful are the position of the club shaft in relation to the swing from properly surfing. Also, I like the fact that you explained the backswing is not a wrist hinge that it appears to be, but rather a pressurized downward push.



    Thank you for your feedback and for letting us know what part’s of the training have been beneficial for you.

    If you have any questions as you progress through the training, please let us know here on the forum or reach out to us at [email protected].


    Definitely the way of hitting out of the bunker. Standing open and at the same time hitting from in to out just did not work at all, I was always feeling that I move completely unnatural, in varying degrees and just out of sync, it felt wrong. The way suggested here just works well, an even with a 58 degree lob wedge and a third of a full bunker swing I have no problems getting out the ball without effort! Amazing, really!


    Thanks for the feedback Andreas! Glad to hear you have found it beneficial. This will the same for any flop shot as well. Enjoy!

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