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  • finish to eyeline
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    I am 72, an 8 handicap and workout daily. I am having difficulty with finish at eyeline. Can you help with specific things i need to do to get that last part of the swing.


    Can you describe your difficulties? I notice that I do not always get my shaft to fully finish on my eye line and sometimes it is more parallel to the ground. I also notice that the more I can push down and lift the club head through impact the easier it is to nail the finish.


    Hi Steven! Thanks for reaching out and great work with your training so far, for starters, make sure to be practicing the stretching routine at least once per day. One movement in particular to focus on is the “superman pose” found at the end of the routine. The “superman pose” supports the finish position in the body. As it relates to laying the club on the eye line at the finish, make sure to feel your ribs thrusting up and left of the target, sternum pointing up and left of the target, and engaging the glutes while you push the thighs forward. Continue to push the hands and arms up and away from the chest, left arm will bend while right arm pushes away as if it is straightening. Continue to stretch and work on the H&A movements routine and this finish position will become easier to support. Make sure to pressurize the body to a “9” at the finish to hold it all together! Great work!

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