First Round Results!

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  • First Round Results!
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    Ok, I’m going to preempt this by saying I was a little naughty and crammed the whole 60 days into a week of intensive learning! But I had a round with friends coming up and was desperate to break out of my very inconsistent funk.

    However, cramming is something I often do to get an overview of the course before going back through it again and again to review and refine the areas that I feel need most attention.

    But Tathata seemed so natural and instinctive and the comparisons with athletes from other sports made complete sense so going through it at a fast pace was quite comfortable. I also practice yoga so the stretching and mental exercises came naturally.

    But onto the round and as a very high handicapper (usually scoring around 115-120) I was amazed at how confident I felt walking up to each tee and each approach shot. I could feel the energy Bryan talks about pulling me to the flagstick and beyond and I trusted my body and new swing so much that I took practice swings on less than half of my shots. It was liberating to simply walk up to the ball and hit it while channeling my inner samurai!

    As for performance, nearly all my drives were straight and powerful (with a couple reaching 270 yards – which is awesome for me and impressed the heck out of my friends!) and I hit some fantastic fairway woods, irons, pitches and chips. One of my favourite shots was a lob from 20 yards which flew straight up in the air, crossed the bunker and landed just a few feet from the pin. I would never previously have attempted a tricky shot like that but my newfound confidence made it a no brainer to go for it!

    It wasn’t all sunshine though – my putting definitely needs a lot of work and that’s what kept me from breaking 100, but I was happy with a final score of 105 which included 3 pars and 6 bogeys (you can easily guess what the other 9 holes scored due to my putting!) and which beat my previous round’s score of 117!

    Thank you Bryan and Team Tathata! I know my game is only going to get stronger and I can’t wait to share the results!



    Milton – Thanks for sharing your experience. Wow, you’ve really improved a lot!

    My daughter plays on a kids tour (we learned about Tathata from Yana’s dad while we were in NC this summer) and the Spring tour is coming upon us very quickly. Since we’re only on day 29, I’m wondering if we should speed up (not place as much emphasis on precision) for now and then go back to fine tune once we’re through the program. Right now we lose about five to six strokes per match just because we’re one of the shortest (in distance) hitters on tour. It isn’t easy to land it close to the pin when hitting a long iron or fairway wood into the green. I’d love to hear a quick thought from Team Tathata on which path might provide the best results.


    I guess I should have looked before asking. Below is the answer Team Tathata has given previously to the same question. Hopefully this helps someone else.

    Again, great job Milton! I’m sure you’ll continue to see great improvement as you train your body.


    The question comes up from many students, is it better to know more of the movements but less of the details within each one, or less movements but more details of each one? True understanding and true mental strength comes from knowing exactly what you are doing beyond doubt.

    The beauty and effectiveness of martial art training is in the details. As students build movements into their motion, they also build mental strength from knowing exactly what they want to do and how to do it through each part of each motion. Martial-artist can move instinctively and without thought because they are trained to know what to do through each part of the motion. There are no doubts, no worries and no questions still unanswered as martial artist move to more and more advanced levels of training and understanding. With this, we encourage students to dive into and learn as much detail as they can about each movement, rather than moving on quickly to other movements in the program.

    We encourage you to begin recognizing and taking advantage of this mental strength you build throughout the program. You are learning movements rather than positions. The training and movements help you learn exactly how all parts of the body move through each part of the motion so you can know exactly what to do, once and for all.

    Find strength and comfort in the details of each movement. Don’t learn all of the movements haphazardly and as fast as you can just to get through the program. Take your time in each chapter. Take your time learning the intricacies of each movement. Spend time in the chapter support materials in each chapter. This is how you will get the most out of the program and continue to experience your own authentic greatness more and more.


    Milton great job that’s awesome progress I. A very short time, well deserved for your effort and belief.

    David, thank you also as you have found the answer to a question on precision I was asking myself.

    I too have a young daughter and the movement patterns presented in this system are wonderful and I cannot wait to help her with them.

    Here’s to more great golf guys!



    Thank you for taking the time to share your progress with us and the Tathata community, we are smiling and look forward to what’s ahead for you! Scoring 10 strokes better than your average score, what an incredible feeling that must be. Continue to sense the moments ahead being better, not as good as you remember this 105 being, but better than it has ever been before.

    We are excited to see the outcomes you choose to create in your game, thank you for being a part of Team Tathata!

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