Flat left wrist?

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  • Flat left wrist?
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    In chapter 2, the “throw a punch” move and half way back takeaway move with club indicate a flat left wrist. I’m noticing that I tend to slightly cup my left wrist. Any suggestions to help with this move without being too mechanical?


    Hi Keith,

    Thanks for the question, this is a great observation about what the left wrist is doing here with the Front Arm Punch. Check out the video below of Bryan answering another student’s question about a cupped wrist at impact. I recommend watching the entire video, but at the time mark 3:50 in the video Bryan discusses from a martial art point of view how we would strengthen and protect the wrists. Let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

    Student Q & A: “Cupped” Wrist at Impact


    I’m glad you asked that question. I’m on day 50 and I have noticed that I’m laying the club back at the top of the back swing and it is causing me trouble. the answer to you , I think , solved my problem.

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