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  • Flexibility Issues
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    I’m a 64-year-old male whose never played golf before, and have just started Tathata training. I have arthritis in my back, have had knee and hip replacement, and shoulder surgery. So, I’m incapable of performing most of the stretching exercises. Has anyone had similar issues, and how have you dealt with them? Dan


    In Chapter 1 under the chapter support tab there is a video called Regression routine. It shows how those of us with more limiting flexibility can do the stretching routines.

    Good luck!


    Some background and a question related to Movement #5.

    I’m 65 and fit. Do aerobic and weight lifting at a gym with a trainer twice a week. Just completed day 10. It’s been a great experience!!

    Only have to do a few of the regression stretch positions. Able to do/emulate all body movement positions, with the except of #5 (backswing w/club).

    Getting the club behind my shoulders is a real work (shoulders feel very tight). And when trying to draw back I get about 50% of what the videos demonstrate (while keeping centered).

    Thoughts? Specific stretches/excercises to focus on to improve the results of backswing with club. Thanks in advance.


    Thank you all for your questions and comments here.

    Dan, please let us know if you need any further assistance modifying any of the original stretches or regressions for your injuries. Many students have found the Regression Routine to be very helpful in assisting injuries or lack of mobility/flexibility.

    David, thank you for writing us here and this is a great question regarding mobility for backswing with a club. If you feel that it’s a lack of flexibility allowing you to achieve the full motion here, try to focus more on the rib loading to the top of the backswing rather than just simply turning the shoulders. I would recommend going through the entire stretching routine and depending on your schedule, try making it a part of your daily routine or at least a portion of it. Specifically focus on “Lying Twist” we do in the routine where we are laying flat on the back with both knees off to right (and then to the left) as we push down on the top thigh/knee toward the ground and pull/draw up the left rib (when knees are to right). This exercise is helping to build the motion for the backswing with a club.

    If you are feeling pain in the shoulders when performing the backswing with a club, it may help to do the movement without a club. A regression of this movement would be to place your back hand on your back rib (right hand-right rib for a righty) while keeping the front arm extended out in front below the shoulders and simply pull/draw the rib to the top of the backswing using your back hand.

    Let us know if you have any further questions! Enjoy!

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