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  • general question about movements
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    General question:
    During movements ‘surfing the knees’ and ‘snap to level’, we are still attempting to push back into the glutes and lift the ribs, correct? I’m guessing this is a yes, but want to make sure I am on the right track. I think this move promotes keeping the pelvis tilted forward and preventing early extension.

    Any guidance/advice from anyone would be very much appreciated.


    Hi Mohsin – You are absolutely correct that we will push back into he glutes and lift the ribs during those movements. This will be reinforced as you progress through the program too. Also, check out the body movements assessment tool (see pages 13 through 16) found in the chapter support tab. Here is a direct link to the pdf:

    Also, note that the feet start this movement. Understanding how this happens was a real eye opener to me. Basically, the toes will dig to arch your foot, which will add pressure up through your legs just how you want it. More of this will be discussed as you progress through the program.

    Good luck!!!


    Hi in movements 9,11,and 12 it seems you guys dip to start the forward motion almost like a 2 inch squat. If so I seem to be struggling with that any remedy or am I seeing thing that are not there. I went to the movement overview did not see anything on dipping


    In the beginning of the backswing movements, does the front knee move over and toward the front toes or does the front knee move Behind the front ankle. It feels to me as if the knee moves over the toes to stay centered.not sure if that’s correct.



    See screen shots below of Alex’s move. My understanding is that what appears to be a dip is simply a move with strength into the surf. In hindsight, I spent too much time focusing on every small detail, many of which, as it turns out, were incorrect. My recommendation is to go with what feels strong. Take video of yourself down the line and face on and submit it for a video lesson half way through…or post a link on here for forum feedback.

    I think that you will find your move will look good if you start the downswing with your feet/shins surfing. Chapter 3 – pressure – will add a LOT of additional detail and missing components.

    As I was thinking more about the #tathata60day punch-back move during a swing, I decided to review the move that @alex_moore_tathatagolf makes. @vjohnsongolf – This photo set probably captures the essence of your comment. I think what is happening her is Alex is moving into his back glute, which is pulling his front side away from the ball. Anyone @tathatagolf – Am I in the ballpark? #golf #golfswing #golfing #golfcoach #golfisfun

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    James – In the down-the-line and face-on shots above, I think you will see a visual answer to your question. The face-on really adds a lot of information! I would add that how this happens is probably important as your front knee should get moved to this position not move independently to it. Chapter 3 – pressure – will explain how this works.

    Hope this helps!


    Thank you for the response will take another look at lesson #3


    Binawattie – How many days have you gone through thus far? I was actually referring to chapteer 3, which begins with day 21.


    I am into the pressure and impact section around day 26.
    Really enjoying the program. I didn’t hit balls during the first 20 days, which took around 28 days for me to complete.

    I started to hit balls again. I hit several fades/slices. In relation to the posts above-Do you guys feel that as you’re surfing/snapping to level in transition that you’re pushing farther back in the glutes than you had established in the backswing? Or is it more of a feeling that you’re pressurizing everything which allows the glutes to stay pushed back (which I guess is maintaining forward pelvic tilt/posture)? I think maybe I’m pushing back farther, which results in my hands coming too far in, and I’m fading.

    any thoughts would be appreciated!


    Mohsin – Which club (or clubs) are you hitting the fade with?


    I hit mostly 7 iron
    Hit a few hybrids and woods also at the end

    Not every shot was a fade/slice, but certainly enough of them had that shot shape to make me think I’m executing a movement incorrectly

    Many thanks!


    I’m sure folks on the forum could toss out a lot of opinions but to identify the problem correctly one would need to see down-the-line and face-on video. Can you post video to YouTube and then add the link to this thread?


    I think I know the answer, but just to be sure …

    Does Tathata training recommend the correct starting position for the swing is a merging of movement 1,2 and 3? That is, the club only starts coming back once all three “setup” movements have been completed from a static position?

    Or is the starting position essentially movement 1, and then lifting the ribs and pushing the glutes back happen at same time as movement 4 (as the club goes back)?


    On the surfing with the knees movement I know the arch of the left foot begins to extend up but does the left foot begin to move in and up or does it remain planted on the ground at this point.



    The anatomical video says in the surfing the knees move that the arches start by moving away from the target. How does this work. I thought they move toward the target.


    Michael and Bryan,

    Ideally throughout the surf the knees and snap to level movements the front foot remains planted on the ground. You should feel the pressure or the weight shifting back and toward the heel with the toes planted into the grounds which slightly engages and lifts the arch of the foot.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.


    Michael and Bryan – In addition to the explanation above, you may enjoy the video below. About half way through Bryan delves into the feet. This has been one of my favorite videos. Hope you’re enjoying the program!!

    Student Q & A: Creating equal pressure in the body & into the ground

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