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    Bryan:<br />
    I am in day 10 of the tahata training . I am enjoying the training very much. Every year at about this time I change my golf grips . I noticed in your program the grips you and your support staff are using seem to be very narrow in diameter. Do you have any suggestions for me as to the type of grip ( cord, rubber , combo ect ) ? I have cadet size fingers and am wondering with your method if I should be trying an undersize grip. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Hi Frank,

    That’s awesome you’re taking such great care of your equipment. Grips often get overlooked.

    There are a couple parts to answer your question. The first would be personal preference as to the texture. There are the classics like the Golf Pride Tour Velvet which is pure black rubber, which when they start to feel slick you can simply take a iron brush which you would scrub your Irons with and use that along with some soapy water and scrub the grip to clean off the grime, adding life to the grip. Then there is the Golf Pride Cord grips which some of the all time greats loved the cord feel, which can tend to be rough on the hands and become hard and slick over time. You also have the synthetic feel to the Winn Grips, etc. So the key would be to find something that you personally relate to and feels good in your hand.

    The ideal rule of thumb when trying to find the correct size grip for your specific hands is to take the grip in your hands, execute your grip and pay close attention to where the tips of your fingers are. Do your finger tips lightly touch the bottom palm of your hand, dig into the palm or is there a gap in-between your fingers and your palm? All three of these can be viewed in the attached example to offer a visual of what I’m referring to. The perfect size grip for you would be the grip where your fingers are lightly touching your palm.

    Lastly, some common themes of those on tour tend to be to build up the bottom half of the grip to maintain the same width of the grip from top to bottom, as opposed to how grips are designed with the top end being thicker and the bottom end being more narrow. A lot of the tour pros like to feel the same width throughout the grip, so they will add tape to the bottom half of the grip. It’s become so popular that Golf Pride has made a grip that maintains the same width throughout the grip to save from having to build it up with tape. This particular grip is called, Golf Pride MCC Plus 4. This grip is a multi compound grip, which has cord in the top hand for more grit to hold on to and the bottom is rubber for better feel.

    So as you can see the grip itself when it comes to size and kind, is still very universal and very much apart of what you personally prefer.

    If you have any additional questions, please let us know. Thank You.

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