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    I understand the concept of gripping the club to maximize strength, etc, that makes great sense. I am just hoping for a little more clarification on the exact or recommended alignment of the top thumb in relation to the button thumb. should it be on top of it and exactly parallel down the club? or can it be slightly angled forward in relation to the lower thumb? my top thumb tends to slip to about a 30 degree angle.


    Hi Robert,

    We would be happy to provide some further clarification on alignment of each thumb on the club. For a RH player, the bottom (right) thumb should be just left of being directly on top of the shaft while the top (left) thumb should be just right of being directly on top of the shaft, closer to 10-15 degrees off center from being directly on top of the shaft.

    Thanks Robert for the question.


    Interesting, I’ve had my thumbs pointing straight down the shaft as that is what I perceived from day 11. When I look at Bryan’s grip, his left hand doesn’t seem to be 10 to 15 degrees right of top. I’ll have to reexamine again tonight I guess.


    David, I noticed Bryan’s grip to look the same way you perceived as well in chapter 11 video. Then while reading the supplemental anatomic review material they mention the slightly left and slightly right way, as well as in the hands and arms movement assessment checklist, item number 12 says to “check for the left thumb being just right and right thumb being just left of being directly on top of the shaft”, which is why I thought to clarify by posting. it seems like there is room for slight modifications here as long as you feel centered and balanced.

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