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  • Grip issues
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    Just finished day 13. Really enjoying the program. One thing that I know/feel is a source of hesitation for me is my grip. I know there is no right or wrong and any of the three grip types is acceptable, but I’m just not sure that anything feels “right” throughout my swing. Or for example what feels “strong” at address causes the feeling of wanting to re-grip at the top of the back swing. I don’t want to continue moving forward feeling good about everything else but still questioning my grip. Any suggestions?

    Also, is there a way to quickly find the video segment on grip?


    Hello James,

    Great question, thank you for asking. Many others have shared similar thoughts and your question will help others moving forward. There is a discussion on grip at the 59 minute mark on Day 11. You may enjoy going back in and listening to that discussion again. You will find in chapter three how we use and understand pressure in the golf swing. There is a Daily Extra on day 24 that includes Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus discussing their experiences with pressure. When you say the grip feels strong at address and re-gripped at the top, another way to say that is the grip is over pressurized at set up and under-pressurized at the top of the swing. You will learn more in chapter three of how pressure builds throughout the golf swing but for now we suggest re-watching the discussion on grip and feeling both hands equal and balanced at set-up feeling as though there is room to increase grip pressure to the finish of the golf swing. We want the least amount of pressure at the setup position and the most amount of pressure at the finish position. If we have too much too early we will lose it throughout the motion.

    Thank you James for the time and energy you are putting into the program. Please let us know if you have any other questions or support needed.


    Thank you for your excellent response. I read it a while ago but was then gloriously without internet for over a week and couldn’t manage to reply.

    Over-pressurized at address is a great way to describe this. Looking forward to making my way to chapter 3.


    Great, you’re welcome James. Enjoy!



    I just finished the Grip video and I have a question about the left hand holding the club (I am a right handed golfer) It was hard to tell exactly where in the fingers the grip was lying when setting up to a shot. It looked to me like the base pads of the fingers were holding the club. Is that the correct position? I was always taught to let the club lay in the middle pads of the fingers. Keeping it in the the base pads does seem to keep my left hand in a more neutral position. Thanks for the unique approach to instruction. I am really enjoying learning from you.



    Hi Ben,

    Great question. Without knowing exactly how you are interpreting this, we would agree with your thoughts about the base pads of the fingers holding the club. This seems to be a sound way to understand it without letting the grip get too much into your palm. It sounds like you are on the right path though and like hearing that it has helped you reach a neutral feeling position. Glad you are enjoying the training, let us know if you have any other questions.

    Thank you.


    Do you grip the club in the fingers of the left hand, or do you use the Ben Hogan method of the balancing of the club with the index finder and the heel pad?


    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for the question. Ben Hogan is absolutely a “greatest player” that we share in the program in reference to grip. You want to grip the golf club in the left hand with strength as Mr. Hogan demonstrated in his later years!

    You should also note how he used the right hand for equal balanced strength and pay close attention to the “trigger finger” and thumb of the right hand. The way Mr. Hogan set the index and thumb of the right hand is perfectly correct for club face stability, awareness and pressure throughout the entire golf swing.

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