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  • Ground pressure
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    Just finished day 24 and am loving the program. Many thanks to the Tathata staff! Im a bit confused about ground pressure. I understand that in the backswing there is a building of pressure mainly into the heel of the back foot while getting down 2″ or so in the glutes. Just wondering if there is a similar press down into the ground/increase of pressure in the feet during the start of the surf the knees/snap to level movement? At the surf to level position is the pressure equal in both feet and has the pressure in the ground increased from the top of the backswing? If so, how much of an increase? Thanks so much!!


    Similarly wondering whether at the snap to level position the weight is evenly distributed in both feet or is it at this point that the weight has moved towards the outside of the left foot and left heel? Not sure if the weight needs to be on the left foot before or after impact? Thanks again!


    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the question, we’re glad to hear you are enjoying the program! Click the link below to hear from Bryan, the founder, talking about how and where equal pressure in the body is created in order to create equal pressure down through the legs and feet and into the ground.

    Student Q & A: Creating equal pressure in the body & into the ground

    Thank you Scott, enjoy!


    Thank you for the helpful and thorough response. It was extremely kind and thoughtful of you to spend the time answering this question. I sincerely appreciate it.


    Great explanation in the video. Thanks for asking the important question & thanks Bryan for spending time on giving clarity on that critical feature of downswing.

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