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  • Hands and the start of the swing
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    Have finished the program and going back through different parts of the program. My question is the sequence of the swing. For a while I was pushing back in the glutes and pushing the hands down simultaneously to start the downswing. It seems like since the hands down is the first movement, then glutes/ lift ribs then the hands are to start the swing. I tried this on the range today were I simply pushed my hands down and back to start, then glutes/ rib lift. My ball striking, divots, and ball flight were immediately more solid. Any thoughts, suggestions, confirmation?


    Hi Richard,

    I think you need to start the swing from the ground up by flexing the feet and ankles and surfing the knees. Think snapping to level and base ball throw. They are both driven by surfing the knees. In the first greatest players videos there is a particularly striking clip of Tiger. It shows how his legs are surfing and his shoulders and arms remain in place at the top before eventually being dragged into action.

    I hope this helps.



    Steve you are right but I was trying to ask about the start of the swing from setup. I see in my post that I said the start of the downswing but meant very beginning


    Personally I like to think of the body pushing the club away with strength. However, it your movement is working for you then you may want to stick with it…at least for a bit while you’re working on other things. Just be careful that the motion isn’t too handsy and you’re not rolling your club/hands/wrist as a result. In the training videos Alex is a bit quick with his hands so it’s not the end of the world.


    That all make perfect sense now Richard. I did wonder how you were striking it well after starting the downswing in the way you described! Now I know. It was the takeaway. LOL. It’s easy to miss mistakes when checking through ones posts prior to sending given the small font. Even my reply said ……start the swing….. rather than ….downswing.

    Have a great Easter. Hopefully we’ll all get some extra golf in and actually see some greatness as well as just sense it out in front!




    The first movement of loading the arms and hands is confusing to me. Bryan says there is no hinging of the wrists, yet it sure looks like he is hinging his wrists on that movement. Can someone clear this up. Thanks


    Hi Bryan, I think that Bryan is pushing down with strength which CAUSES the wrists to lift slightly ON THEIR OWN as he takes it away. That is a totally different to just lifting up with the wrists.

    Watch the explanation again and take a look at the chapter support materials.

    Hope that helps,



    Yes – I had the same question come to mind during the “loading hands and arms” portion of the hands and arms routine. It appears the wrists are being hinged. Left hand is pushed down but appears the right hand hinges.

    Also, and I may be getting ahead of myself, but I know the distance from the thigh to the club should be the width of the fist on a stock 7 iron. Does the same hold true for other clubs? Namely the Driver?


    Hello Team Tathata,

    Thank you for all of the comments here. Remember as you draw the club up from the setup to the top of the backswing there will be a gradual but also natural hinge being developed in terms of the wrists. When we look at the body movements drawing up energy to the top of the swing we are learning to draw up while remaining centered and balanced. The hands and arms are pushing the club away from the body gradually to the top of the swing. It is the pushing away of the arms that creates the hinging of the wrists. This is important because we want a wide arc to the top of the swing with leveraged hands and arms. The reason there is this distinction is because the hinging of the wrist is a gradual progression throughout the backswing and if the wrist are set “independently” it will lessen the strength of our arc and we will ultimately create inaccurate golf shots that lack strength and power. Be sure to watch the “daily extra” on this topic located below the training on day 17!


    I’m a little confused with the takeaway. Is the first move not with the right wrist bending back? Also when the left hand pushes across the body in the takeaway is there a slight rotation of the lead hand while the right wrist bends?


    Hi John – I, too, had several quesitons about the backswing when I first started the program. My understanding, based on this Daily Extra from day 17 (http://legacy.tathatagolf.com/lesson/day-17/#parentHorizontalTab4), is that the answer to both questions is ‘no.’ Check out Bryan’s discussion and post back if you still have questions. If you can provide the time stamps to questions relative to the video discussion, that would help a ton.

    Good luck on your training!!


    Since Bryan says you don’t turn the shoulders to start the takeaway what is actually the very first move in the takeaway? is it the hands pushing backing while the body stays still? when I push the hands back the club appears hooded.

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